New Labour and the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by U_K_22, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Stating the obvious here but anyone else generally annoyed that the government, or more so its ministers and MPs, seem to have no experince of the 'real world', most especially the Armed Forces?! How many Labour people actually can say to have served a day in anything like the forces? The more I read about their bios the more I see the words 'Trade Union Official', 'PR', 'ThinkTank' and so on. These people, who are incapable of running a toy train track, just seem to be the most bland, boring people ever.

    My rant is really due to the way Blair, Reid and Prescott have responded to recent events and how vapid and limited their experience and organisational and managerial skills are.

  2. I agree whole heartedly, however simply getting on to a net forum and going grrr aint going to do anything. The Syndicate in power (do not confuse it with any other form of recent Government) only respect the ability to distort or manipulate the truth.

    The reason that they flex so much power (and give so much of your money to thier freinds) is that the majority of UK citizens DO NOT DO ANYTHING YOU FCUKING CATTLE! so shrill minorities adept at shouting get the dough and you lot you poor sad losers get it up the ARRSE sans lub.

    Assume the position bitch!
  3. Bin the party structure. Individuals should be elected from their areas, on their own backs, not the party.

    Some fools will vote for any mong wearing the correct rosette. Which could lead to comic results if a horse jumping event was run on the same day.
  4. How the f**k are you going to get a government where every MP,or a fair share of them has to have military experience.All three services have less manpower than the NHS,why should MP's have more knowledge of what it's like being a soldier rather than a doctor/nurse.You want us to be a special case apart from the rest of the population,not going to happen,why should it.Maggie had no expertee's but most on here think she was the be all and end all of leaders.

    In your opinion would Paddy Ashdown have made a good PM,he having the credentials you so desire.
  5. Not half, he went down the tunnel TWICE into Sarajevo during the siege - balls of tungsten - I would so love Tony and his mob to try the same, Paddy is a good politico and general top chap
  6. Yes but not a Prime Minister,even his own party replaced him with a drunk.He only went down the tunnel when the camera's were there,wonder if he'd have had balls of steel if there was no media to record his bravado.
  7. Personally Easy Money, having met him three times in a professional capacity I believe that his trips down the tunnel was not a publicity stunt - it was painted as such by the people he had shown up. A mate of mine was one of the escorts and he says it was straight, done to stir up much needed debate.
  8. I don't dispute he was a good soldier/marine but that didn't give him the skills to become a PM.How many have,Churchill and Wellington spring to mind.Having served in the armed forces doesn't make you a better or more informed politician.Viggers representing Lyndhurst for the Tories is a prime example.
  9. So your candidate is?
  10. For PM or to replace Viggers.I mentioned Viggers because he is the only name I know for certain who has served.I think he was a full Col in the Gunners.His brother is a Maj General still serving.

    As for my opinion, I believe Hilary Benn will one day be leader of the Labour Party,and that in turn might mean he will be PM.Unlike his Father he has not served,but is well versed in all things military and civilian.
  11. Personally, for PM, it would be nice to have ex miltary, but rightly, needs to have a broader persepctive.

    But as I have said (ad nauseum in finitum) in other topics, how about just one bloody defence minister with some experience?

    We even have MPs who are members of the TA.

    It is also not without lots of historical precedent of having people from other parties as ministers where they have experience in a particular area.

    Still, this wouldn't mean more money from the curry makers and trade unions (curry eaters, but only if its in a pie) so Tony would never put in someone from another party just because they have experience.

    Right chaps, carry on. Rant over.
  12. Ill think you'll find General Freddy Viggers is now a 3 star and is the AG.

    Possible contendor for CGS hopefully and a darn nice chap to boot.
  13. The country would be far better off if the Free Masons were running it.
  14. sshhhhh

    We already are
  15. Given that paddy has just finished a stint as OHA in Bosnia, basically the boss of the whole country, which included him fireing (or so I believe) several corrupt officials in that country. I would say he was the best PM that Britain never had.

    Let's look at the differences, Bosnia a complete shell of a country that is fast rebuilding, a corrupt official sits in his office. Paddy tells him to go... NOW.

    UK, a corrupt official sits in his office. A bit of hang wringing on tele, and the PM supports them.

    WHo would you rather have had?

    The tunnel was actually seen as badge of honour by many politicians, apparently the bruises on ones head represented that you had been through. (Have you seen the tunnel? Rather them than me!!!)

    As for his balls, his military record speaks for itself.