New Labor Calls For Nursery Rhyme Police

From the Evening Standard:

Parents could be forced to go to special classes to learn to sing their children nursery rhymes, a minister said.

Those who fail to read stories or sing to their youngsters threaten their children's future and the state must put them right, Children's Minister Beverley Hughes said.

Their children's well-being is at risk 'unless we act', she declared.

And Mrs Hughes said the state would train a new 'parenting workforce' to ensure parents who fail to do their duty with nursery rhymes are found and 'supported'.


Mrs Hughes has established a national curriculum to set down how babies are taught to speak in childcare from the age of three months.

Her efforts have gone alongside a push by other ministers to determine exactly how parents treat their children down to how they should brush their teeth.


The threat of action against parents who fail to sing nursery rhymes was unveiled by Mrs Hughes as she gave the first details of Mr Blair's 'national parenting academy', a body that will train teachers, psychologists and social workers to intervene in the lives of families and become the 'parenting workforce'.

"The nursery rhyme police - parents to take lessons in reading and singing" 13 November 2006


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Trumpton's PC McGarry No452 is going to be a busy man then....
Like there isnt more important things for them to bother with:

- Disbanding/Amalgamating Army units at the same time expecting them to deploy again and again and again.
- Gaps in the Radar Coverage of the UK
-Not enough fuel or supplies resulting in large parts of the fleet being in port
- Stripping of RAF Squadrons
- Abysmal terms and conditions for Armed Forces
- Near bankrupt NHS
- Poor standards in Education with the dumming down of qualifications.
- The escape and release of dangerous offenders many withouht any thought of deportation.
-Exposing the country to the gratest threat this country has ever faced.

List could go on and on.....
Fucks sake! This kind of bollocks is enough to make you move to canada! :x
303SMLE said:
Fucks sake! This kind of balls is enough to make you move to canada! :x
Personally, I am delighted to see stuff like this coming out of New Labour. The more PC insanity they produce, the quicker we'll be rid of them. I just hope somebody soon blows the dust off Red Ken's 1980's plan for lesbian only housing estates.

Incidentally, there is no truth in the rumour that Gordon Brown is set to change Labour's official anthem when he is PM.

D-REAM singing 'Things Can Only Get Better' will not be replaced by Frank Sinatra singing 'My Way' (And now, the end is near, I stand and face, the final curtain ... ).
FieldDiscipline said:
That is ridiculous. I'd like to see them try. Bastarts. Baa baa black sheep is banned for being racist and then this! Couldnt make it up.
Dont forget that most collectable item......

The Golliwog!!!

Can I say that here..... :p
So if I have understood this correctly...

Now repeat after me children..
Eeny, Meeny, Mo, catch a n***er by his toe....

Are you sure that is what they mean ?

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