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Gents, another bone kit thread.

I'm looking for a replacement for my lost knife, well I say lost some other ****** has it but lost to me.

I have had a CRKT m16-13z for ages, I got it as a present so don't know where it came from. The bloke who gave it to me doesn't know either, so am a bit stuck. I've googled it to death and have found plenty of US places that would supply it but they wont send to the UK, only to our colony. I like it is its long, black, pointy and has a serrated bit that makes cutting through things a piece of piss.

It sounds a bit pony, but I like that knife and want another one rather than some chippy imitation thing. If anyone could help that would be mega!

Sounds like you don't need to find a particular knife but a sharpening steel and instructions on how to use it.

The old fella's favourite knife is a cheap, crappy thing that used to be part of a set of camping cutlery that I bought when I was about 13. After 40 years, it's half the depth that it used to be but you need to buy a new sponge every time you wash it. In its lifetime, it has cost a fortune in sticking plasters. Butcher's boy at 14. Respec'.


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Cheers so far. I know how to sharpen a knife, but I don't know how to sharpen one that was pinched from my kit whilst on a certain course where everything you have is taken off you!
BBear - There is a little shop over here, Germany, that ain't too shabby - I might be able to get one sent over from Yankistan then send it on. I shall see said dodgy dealer of pointy things on Saturday. (He might have them in stock - If not he might have a suitable alternative.) What sort of price you been quoted?

Looks like they ship over here if you want me to forward it on to you.
I see...
You wanna look after your stuff better.
Failing that ask one of your muckas whats serving in the land of the boxhead to go into a hunting/outdoors type of shop with some geld and a description of the messer.


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Sandmanfez, cheers - must have missed that one. However am after the one with the serrated edge, am was quite attached to my CRKT one. Haven't had good experiences with gerber tools and wouldnt think their knifes would be much different

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