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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boris7, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Oh well, that's another 2 inf batallions gone then!
  2. Interesting that we get 5, and the americans get 190.

    Hopefully it WON'T be another 2 info battalions gone.
  3. If it had been 5x or 10x C-17 on order for UK, I would have thought it would have been worth trumpeting. By the time this fifth a/c turns up, the previous four will no doubt be grounded or cannibalised due to over-use supporting over-stretch....
  4. well said!!
  5. questuion is though, is this Britiains final long range heavy lift solution or a stop cgap until the new airbus is finally ready?
  6. Please to god be a wah!!!!!!!!
  7. no duff I believe these things were originally rented while we waited for a new airbus cargo plane, so genuine question are we buying them to carry on the cover because the lease deal has run out or have we given up on airbus because they have taken to long ?
  8. i'll be honest. never heared that crab air were looking at getting airbus, and be amazed if we did. The C17 has everything we could want, from heavy lift capacity, decent defensive suite and rugged enough to cope with strip landings. on top of specific aeromed role fit that can be set up in minimal time. Top piece of kit that will be in service for years to come.
  9. Not 100% sure on this, but I was under the impression that the spec for the proposed Airbus was as a replacement for Tristar & VC10 (air to air etc) .. and as such it wouldn't need the kind of strategic capabilities that the C17 incorporates anyway.

  10. That sounds more credible. VC10 is long overdue being scrapped and tristar is going the same way. Would still need modifications on it but would do the job in that role.
  11. The Airbus A400M's will replace the remaining C-130K Hercules (ie the old ones, not the new ones just delivered).

    Official Airbus page

    The C-17s were meant to be a stop gap but I believe (and can't find a reference on Defence Internet for it) they're going to be kept on.

    The VC10s and Tristars are supposed to be replaced by modified Airbus A330's.

    Recent MoD news item
  12. Whoops.. my bad... Did my research this time... turns out Airbus DOES have a strategic Airlifter on the drawing board at the moment..the A400M:

    This is a replacement/upgrade for the current C130 fleet am assuming it would operate alongside the C17s

    Im pretty sure there is a seperate requirement for a replacement for VC10/Tristar though
  13. Looks like a good step up from the 'K', i thought they were all going to be replaced by the J. impressed with that though. With the speed of the hercs these would be quality to have.
    Looks like brize will need some huge hangars for the coming years!
  14. Mr Google is your friend