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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by yazzledazzle, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. They are nice but at 100 notes more and you would have to buy a green and dessy one. The kit monster item is the right colour and you can use the pouches of the new assault vest which is issued. More beer tokens for the pre op p*ss up.
  2. Surely future Issue belt-kits will go the way of the kitmonster one using molle attachments so that you can attach the same pouches to your osprey, beltkit or any other molle thing you might have. Much better idea than having all different kinds of attachment systems.
  3. Oooooooow - get her!

    I wasn't slating kit - I was slating buying kit when you quite easily sign some out that does the same job for free - It also comes in desert colour; just get it wet and chuck it in the sand - and when it's totally fecked - they give you a new set.


    or failing that



  4. So, does that mean, in your opinion, that the guys who spend loads of money sponsoring this forum, so that every resident of half-wit city can have there say, dont make decent kit.

    Remember this, this site is financed entirely by donation & sponsorship. Dont think good c.o & bad c.o. would be to happy if you drive away thier revenue source
  5. What the fuck are you talking about?
  6. I'm sure the sponsors will be well piissed off with people talking about kit they are selling - "Oh the horror - people are talking about kit I sell!"

    So, according to you the site sponsors are the most important thing on the site? Not much use having sponsors if you have no one viewing the site is there.

    Are you sure you haven't got this site mixed up with an airsofting site?

    If you are worried about what Good CO and Bad CO think, send a link to them and see what they think? :lol:

    You could write to the sponsors and people who donate to the site too if you like to get their views but, alas, some give cash anonymously.

    Good luck with your kit peddling quest. :roll:
  7. This is not ment to be an argument!! Can people any kit that is made in the UK, or do we purely rely on the states to come up with good new kit apart from kit monster and jayjays, whats good or new and is British??????????????
  8. a) If the army provide kit that is free, serviceable and easily exchanged, why pay good money for something else?

    b) If you do decide that your hard earned wedge is best spent on pointless gear to look ally in, why should it matter which country produces it? If you want British, go and hassle James Dyson. I can assure you he won't give a fuck either.
  9. I think the COs would be more concerned about dicks like you using the site :roll:
  10. Why even bother posting then numbnuts!! I assume you are wearing some gucci multicam kit walting about in your mums underwear. I would love to see what the best British kit because I am British and proud, that does not mean I dont have full respect for Walting foreigners like yourself, I would hate not to be PC
  11. Hold on he just made the point that issue kit is free, exchangable and usually does the trick - does that sound like a walter or a serving solder to you?

    Meanwhile you are the one who is on about gucci kit, presumably looking for your next purchase. Whether thats for some dash-down-crawl or so you can cut a dash at your next skill-at-airsoft meet, I couldn't give a toss.
  12. i think you will find SBM is serving and not foreign. Like he said, im sitting in Lowa Desert boots, camelbak next to my feet, ally foregrip/rail on my weapon, Maglite torch in pocket, inflatable mattress in my bergan, lightweight summer sleeping bag in bergan with mattress sitting on top of a spare pair of Meindl Desert boots.....ALL ISSUED. Why buy it!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.