New Kit: IED Inspection Robot - Help Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dragon Assassin, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. I wanted to tell you all of a project that is in development to create a protective robotic device to assist soldiers when examining IED's.

    It is called the 'Dragon Assassin' and it is a small robotic platform aimed at helping soldiers inspect any suspicious objects on their path during IED Sweeps or the unit can be deployed ahead of a foot patrol.

    The Dragon Assassin is a compact remote inspection platform allowing soldiers to examine any object in front of them from a stand-off position to determine if it's a threat like an IED or not.

    The Dragon Assassin team are working hard to secure investment and funding for the production of their first Dragon Assassin Prototype. We are currently non-government funded and are relying on the generosity of soldiers and members of the public to get their robot into theatre.

    Although the exact specification of the unit is still classified, the tracked vehicle will be bristling with the latest technology including a multi-dextrous robotic arm and digital CCD cameras including Night Vision providing visual feedback to the device operator.

    The most amazing quality of the Dragon Assassin system is it's price. With current estimates of less than €6,000 Euros per unit, the Dragon Assassin in approximately HALF THE COST of the nearest equivelent robotic unit in theatre. It is expected that the Dragon Assassin will match the performance of other IED Detection Robots costing well over €50,000 Euros EACH!!!

    This is an amazing project and when successful it will mean that each squad or patrol will be able to carry multiple Dragon Assassin devices all the time helping to SAVE LIVES.

    Please visit our website for more information and to make a donation, no matter how small at: The Dragon Assassin - Tactical IED Examination Technology website and sign up for the Newsletter too to keep up to date with our progress.

    Thank you so much
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This sounds like an interesting project but I suspect you are going to be met with a fair amount of cynicism. 2 immediate worries spring to mind:

    1. Is this just a scam? This is not the first internet appeal for my money.

    2. If you are sincere have you any chance of making a useful deployable bit of kit that's going to do what you say? There are plenty of people in the 'military/industrial complex' (such as Qinetic) spending mega bucks on producing kit like this; how can amateurs expect to do better than them and or if you have a good idea why aren't some one like Qinetic throwing dosh at you?

    Might I suggest that before setting out your stall and begging bowl on ARRSE it might be good manners to have a word with the site owners, which you can do on the 'contact us' link below. They may also have some views on how you might establish your bona fides. Apologies if you have already done that and been told to crack on.
  3. Good luck with it,
    No Lad is going to take that to theatre for your benefit, unless its issued to him hes going to be taking haribo and porn in his bergan.

    If you want the army to buy your product you need to speak to the people that make deicisons, in this case Qinetiq and ITDU at Warminster, The engineers already have Dragon Runner and half a dozen other peices of kit and are vehicle mounted. The infatry blokes are already carrying enough kit that unless your happy for your robot to be used as a "1 free shot" and blown up every time they go on the ground they arent goingto carry it out of the door, it was tried with dragon runner and its not feasible to take a robot of any description on the ground if its going to be carried in place of ammuntion radios ECM, batteries and water.

    But as I said, speak to Qinetic and youll get paid some money for going to the trials regardless of whether its used in theatre.
  4. You havent got any phots or specs on its weight?
    So simply put your initial post states:

    "I am an engineer, I have an idea, I cannot sell my idea, please encourage your boss to buy my idea, My idea is a secret"

    Cheers la, and if your robot is a petrol powered R/C car with a man sized weight on the back of it, to set off PPIED Ill buy iy but not carry it.
    If it is an RC car that isnt heavy enough to set off a PPIED Im not going to trust it has checked the route any more thoroughly than my lead bloke can do with a metal detector and his own eyes and I wont be taking it.

    I would not walk blindly behind a radio controlled device with a grainy cheap low resolution camera broadcasting to a cheap grainy remote screen in the hope that it can see detect groundsign better than the bloke who will shortly be walking up behind it.
    If you ahve no had contact with the army - how do you know your device doesnt interfere with the myriad radio frequencies we are using?

  5. Hi... Thanks for your reply

    I can understand your cynicism but I can assure you the project is a real one, just at the early stages of prototyping. Thanks for your advice and yes we are communicating with QinetiQ.

    Best wishes
  6. Again thanks very much for your advice... it's as helpful as any support we can get to be honest. Our system is essentially a smaller, less expensive version of QinetiQ's Dragon Runner with obvious exceptions as the DR costs a bloody fortune, but you get what I mean. There will be more information posted on the website very soon regarding specs etc.
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mr Mugu, of Nigeria, also assured me of his sincerity as did Svetlana from Russia.

  8. hate to be a pedant, but QinetiQ don't decide anything for MoD, other than how much to charge!

    The UK's Counter-Terrorism Science and Technology Centre has the lead for all C-IED related work of this type, and they have several innovation programmes for people with good ideas:
    Potential Suppliers| Areas of Interest | CT - Centre | Dstl

    Be prepared to be grilled on the technical details of your product, what capabilities it offers, and when it's likley to be available!
  9. Thanks you very much for the help/advice... I don’t blame people being cynical... Imagine what they said to Barnes Wallis when he said “hey I’ve got this great idea for a bloody great big bomb that can bounce on water!!!”

    Joking aside your information is most beneficial, thank you... and yes QuintiQ certainly know how to charge!!!

    Best wishes
  10. If its anything like the tracked thing I saw on the Military machine programme the other night then your a little behind the curve on new ideas.

    your quote "The Dragon Assassin team are working hard to secure investment and funding for the production of their first Dragon Assassin Prototype."

    As anyone knows in business its far easier to sell a concept to someone if you have a viable product or even a prototype to show someone, you have a really fancy website but there is not even a concept drawing of what your looking at which I find strange.

    Even in your research and development section you have nothing? again this is odd, you'd have thought that you’d have had a list of things that you have already completed, like outline design, drawings, sourcing parts / equipment.

    this reminds me of some of the people on dragons den who come up and show an idea to the dragons, ask for the money then tell them that £80000 of which is going to pay their wages.

    In the world of good ideas you have to start with putting your money where your mouth is, principally I think your wrong in trying the donation direction with the following slogan "Your donation WILL help protect our and coalition soldiers from IED attacks." considering you haven't from what we can see anything to back up the claim.
  11. Would also suggest that this probably needs to be designed, tested, accepted for service and production ready before 2014 (at the very latest) if it stands any hope of getting funded!
  12. However Barnes Wallis stumpped up money for prototypes, produced scale prototypes to show his theory worked as well as designs, drawings, calculations had his people actually make a working prototype, and then even stuck his own neck on the line to test, not exactly in the same league I think.

    And still didn't get funding straight away when it worked.

    Good luck though.
  13. Barnes Wallis was a knwn entity when he came up with the idea for the bouncing bomb, he wanted it dropped from the plane he had designed, that the Air Force loved so much they didnt want to give him one for trials. The war office had had prior dealings with him.

    Your firm.........?

    Deborah Meaden: Im Out!
  14. Dragon assassin, sounds very close to Dragon Runner, tracked, with a gripper, back packable with a camera.

    Too late according to frontline battle machines it's already in theatre with EOD

    Sorry but this sounds like a scam