New kids on the block, same old"Players."

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by galoglas, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. Could be the Ulster dragon is about to wake up. At least you can get a pint of Guinness when you're not having your knackers blown off!
    Provisional IRA defectors behind new Ulster violence

    · Dissident republicans 'major threat to peace'
    · Sinn Féin condemns fresh shootings and bombings

    * Henry McDonald
    * The Guardian,
    * Monday September 1 2008
    * Article history

    A fresh upsurge of dissident republican violence in Northern Ireland was orchestrated by a new nucleus of ex-IRA members who have defected from the Provisionals. Veterans of the Provisional IRA's North Armagh brigade were behind the 24-hour wave of shootings, blast bomb attacks and riots that rocked the Craigavon area at the beginning of last week.

    Senior security sources in Northern Ireland pointed this weekend to a small but dedicated number of ex-North Armagh brigade republicans who they say now pose a major threat to the peace process.

    "They include one ex-prisoner who served life for murder and another responsible for a series of assassinations around North Armagh," a police officer said. "This core cannot be dismissed as amateurs or newcomers to the dissident scene. They have experience and a track record behind them which makes them good recruiting sergeants for kids around them."

    The violence in Craigavon means that in almost every corner of Northern Ireland there have been short outbursts of dissident terrorist activity over the last six months. In August, dissidents linked to a Continuity IRA unit in Co Fermanagh fired an improvised rocket at a mobile patrol.

    Although no one was killed or injured the murder bid was significant because it was the first time the dissidents had used semtex to set off a rocket-propelled grenade. Until then it appeared that the dissident groups did not have access to the Czech-made plastic explosive, which the Provisional IRA was meant to have destroyed in the arms decommissioning process two years ago.

    Its presence is an indication that some of that explosive was taken from PIRA hides and handed over to the dissidents.

    Attacks have taken place in Derry, Tyrone, Fermanagh and now Armagh. Significantly, none of the republican groups opposed to the current power sharing government between Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionists - the Real IRA, Continuity IRA or a new group known as Óglaigh na hÉireann - has mounted any major attacks in the Greater Belfast area.

    Police patrols came under fire from a sniper, two blast bombs were thrown, police vehicles were attacked with petrol bombs and stones, and an SDLP assembly member was assaulted during 24 hours of disturbances in the Tullygally and Drumbeg areas of Armagh town.

    By the end of last week some calm had been restored to the nationalist districts, although residents claimed there had been heavy-handed police raids on homes that had compounded the trouble. However, graffiti warn of more violence to come, with one message warning that anyone cooperating with police investigations into the disturbances would be shot.

    Sinn Féin condemned the dissident violence and what it claimed was the overuse of force during police searches. The party's local assembly man, John O'Dowd, a rising star, pointed out that the majority of republican voters still backed their peace strategy. Those behind the trouble "have no support in the area", O'Dowd said. But on the Tullygally and Drumbeg estates, Sinn Féin faces a new political opposition led by some of its own local stalwarts.

    Following last week's disturbances local Lurgan republican Colin "Collie" Duffy rushed to Craigavon to support residents who he claimed had been at the sharp end of police raids.

    Duffy, 41, left Sinn Féin and joined a political organisation known as éirígí, which was founded by disaffected Sinn Féin members who opposed the party's decision to recognise and support the Police Service of Northern Ireland. He described the violence in Craigavon as a "symptom of the fact that people are not prepared to accept the British occupation of Ireland in the shape of the PSNI/RUC".

    The 41-year-old republican has been joined in éirígí by a famous republican face from the North Armagh area, ex-Sinn Féin councillor Brendan McKenna who fought for the rerouting of the annual loyalist Drumcree march in Portadown.

    Éirígí supporters are alleged to be engaged in a graffiti campaign throughout republican redoubts in Northern Ireland. One encapsulates the disillusionment of some ex-Sinn Féin and former IRA activists over support for the police. Sprayed in silver paint, it says: "PSNI - 17% Catholic. 100% Unionist."
  2. I'm gobsmacked. Utterly gobsmacked. Irish terrorists not giving up violence?

    Never thought I'd see it in my lifetime...
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    oooh here we go again!

    Good timing of course - our boys are in two conflicts abroad, the army is underfunded etc etc.

    If we absolutely HAVE to go back there, let's not muck about this time, let's just kill the b@stards.
  4. Targets up!
  5. Can I have my flak jacket and SLR back please?
  6. Does this mean we can have 'the Saville Inquiry II; this time it's gravy(for lawyers)'? After all, the first one only lasted for 7 bloody years. Who knows what the shysters will manage next time! And I'm not in the least surprised about the twats not handing over or destroying all their munitions; 'beyond use' my arrse. Can we now reverse the 'get out of jail free' agreement that the mass-murdering criminal scum all got in exchange for the alleged disarmament?
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Not only that - they demanded that they got treated as prisoners of war . . . well, if it's a war, then let's give it to them: If they are fighting a war, then they are soldiers, so let's find them, shoot them and kill them as enemies rather than criminals.
  8. Well if they are captured on crown territory in civillian clothes that makes them spies and eligible to be executed. Well we can dream cant we?
  9. Come on, mate. We all knew at the time that 'beyond use' just meant 'put on a really high shelf'. The Good Friday Agreement was all about getting a good outcome for people who are criminals in return for promises they'd stop being naughty - not exactly renowned for keeping their word, that sort.

    It's one of the few circumstances in which I take no pleasure in saying to folk, "told you so".
  10. Er, we'll agree to agree then? or something... 8O
  11. Better start a recruitment drive for the Black and Tans! :twisted:
  12. Without the oxygen of publicity, noone cares any more!
  13. I was going to make a smartarrse remark about Groundhog Day but ... for those of us who remember the worst of NI ... there was so much absolute horror and fcuking misery, ALL OF IT UNNECESSARY you stupid, stupid baztards, and you want MORE??

    Not sure I'm on the outrage wagon. More like head-shaking incredulous sorrow ....
  14. I always Hoped that it would never kick off again, to many decent folk died last round.
    But Paddy will never give up and UK's answer, Buy off the leaders, far cheaper then working out a permanent solution.