New Kidnapping in Iraq

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Spursluv, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. This could be interesting as she is actually an iraqi citizen having lived there or 30 years :(
  2. Yes but I dont know how much that helps, the two Italian kidnap victims had been working there for years, and there have been Iraqi kidnap victims already.
  3. hmmm is a difficult one, she is actually British thoughI believe, I think it's her husband that is from Iraq? I can imagine what the outcome will be already though ;/
  4. yep , after they have raped her , they will chop her head off as per usual , will be the first time they executed a women , got to keep up the shock factor :evil: sorry i am being cynical here
  5. Surely rape is not condoned by the Koran
  6. i wouldn't put it past them after all, they are hardly behaving in a muslim like manner
  7. You are totally right though matey, that is exactly what will happen to her, I think they have gone a bit beyond what the koran supposedly says by now? she's a gonner and her and her family knows this, I will be very surprised otherwise.
  8. its just unadulterated wicked madness.
  9. Sure is. I wonder if it was planned?
  10. I very much doubt if the jihadists are remotely concerned with the subtly nuanced distinctions as to whether Mrs. Hassan is an Anglo-Iraqi, British-born naturalised Iraqi citizen...... These fellows have displayed a total lack of discrimmination as to whom they snatch. As a civvy, the only way to avoid being kidnapped is to either be lucky or heavily-armed.
  11. Or don't go there in the first place, (and earn hods of wedge!). Sorry, but they all know what they're getting into. Doesn't stop them going to get the wonga. :?
  12. Yeah, it;s different with her I reckon though, cos she's lived there 30 years so it's her home, I just think they are kidnapping anyone now, so no-one is safe out there at all.