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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Parry, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I didn't quite know where to put this so I'll just dump it here. My name's Ross I'm 18 and currently at University. I've been in the TA just over a year now, 9 months of which have been with the Signals although I've just transferred and am soon to begin training to join 4PARA. I've spent most of my time on TAOC aiming for my Commission but buggered my foot half way through the course, I hope to redo the course next year.

    After University I plan to join the Royal Scots as an Officer, well the Royal Regiment of Scotland which it will be when I join up. Anyway enough from me.

  2. Well come to the mad house Ross
  3. I was looking at doing something similar in time i.e. Sigs to 4 Para or Airbourne Gunners.... Can you tell me some details of how it went for you? i.e. did you have to do recruits again?
  4. Ross
    If you have finished the recruit training for with the TA you should be able to miss out MTQ1 and start the second year.
    MTQ2 is mainly the estimate and orders so you dont want to miss this if going for a comission (and probably wont be able to). You need to balance 4 PARA, which is an excellent unit and you will get para qual'd and highly infantry trained, against the OTC where u will do more formal officer training but probably have more booze ups and socials (I am working at an OTC and this is not dissing OTCs). The best thing to do is to give the adjutant a ring at the university OTC and arrange an interview. Make sure 4 PARA know what u are doing if you decide to move.
    Good luck!
  5. bibo_boy,

    I didn't do it the way you're planning, to get a trade then take it airborne. I was originally in the Sigs pretty much only because it was my closest unit and before I knew it all the paper work was done. After I had done my two TAFS weekends they put me forward for Officer selection I was pretty much shunted on this so that my Sqn could say they had the youngest Officer...wasn't too happy about that. Anyway passed selection and started the course preparing for RMAS. As the course was taught around the infantry platoon everything was infantry based, the more I did the more I wanted to switch to an infantry role.

    I looked at transferring to the Royal Scots (V) but they were overflowing with Officers so I had to look elsewhere, 4PARA trained at the same TAC so it was easy to jump ship and I liked the idea of the challenge.

    Training wise, because all the stuff I'd done was Corps based I'm pretty much having to do all of it again. My training is as follows:

    8 Weekend Recruit Cadre - Basic military skills, drill, PT, fieldcraft etc.

    2 Weeks Infantrymans Course/P Coy - Based at Catterick this is just firming up the skills learnt previously. The last 3 days are also where the tests for P Coy are undertaken. If you want all the details of P Coy I can post them later but I'm sure they'll be kicking about on the forum somewhere.

    Jump Training - 2 weeks of parachute training held at RAF Brize Norton, 8 jumps are done in all.

    After that you can go on to specialise for example, signaller, anti-tank and medic etc.

    Hope that helps,
  6. Thanks Ross,

    I've been in a few years and I'm not sure if that makes any difference? Would like more details on P-coy if you have them? There are some on here and what I've read, but it would be good to get the lastest.....


  7. Um, Ross

    When exactly did you transfer over to our building? You said in your other post
    Having been 4 Para in Edinburgh for 3 years now I can tell you there aint no Ross (first or last name) in the coy.

    If your a new recruit that Im unaware of, (pretty sure I know most of them, and there certainatly aint any officers) I'll suggest that you wind your neck in about being in 4 Para.Not as many will be a civil as I have been. If you want to be a Royal Scot officer, fine mate I've nothing against that. Hand your kit in with us and head to East Claremont Street to the Royal Scots like Gravelbelly suggested.

  8. ... I know there will be a difference.. but is there a huge difference in reg P coy and TA P coy? Do they expect 4 Paras to be as well trained as 1,2,3?
  9. "SCOTSMAN" I have to say, even though i'm not a fan of junior subbies. you might want to learn to read post' s properly..

    I think if you learn to read it properly ( maybe in PARA Braille) it will read...."I've been in the TA just over a year now, 9 months of which have been with the Signals although I've just transferred to 4PARA."

    I know it must be hard trying to type and read at the same time, since multi-tasking is not a para thing but at least try to keep a grip on reality.. I see you have only been in for three years, so you'll still be giving it the "YES SIR, NO SIR" routine with the wee iraq telic 3 war hero including his daft tache.........when did gravebelly post a reply in this topic???????????????????????

    Ross take a bit of his advice go to 52 lowland... you'll learn more there than at the maroon goon school.......

    "Parachute regiment the most tactically outdated and over rated regiment in the British Army's order of battle....."

    PM Tony Blair. 2004

    The only truth the man has spoken
  10. If this soooo.. why aint they doin anything about it?
  11. Scotsmanricky,

    Didn't mean to offend, as I said I've only just transferred but I shall rephrase it. I'm training to be in 4PARA and have not taken my place in the Coy after I finish my training.

    I've only been in once, I'm meant to be on the Cadre beginning at the end of May, should be in more as when I fix my hours for work.

    As for going to A Coy, Lowland I've spoken to them and they are topheavy with Subbies at the mo so there would be no room to accomodate me.

    Looks like I may have to join CEUOTC anyway as I believe its a requirement for the Army Bursary.

    Once again though, sorry for any offence.
  12. gibby5764,

    (It has been edited now, but my quote was correct at the time)

    Like I said the "other post", (a bit of abstract thinking perhaps? "his other post? maybe hes posted somewhere else....") he has PM'd me which is fine hes made a mistake and I'll take his apology for it, and see if he makes it through the training.

    What I was getting at is I've had to deal with a few walter's claiming to be in the past and Im sure if you seen someone claiming to be in your Regiment, you'd do the same thing. Or maybe it's just that I have some pride in the fact we dont let every swinging di*k in.

    Yeah cheers mate, I was on Telic 1(as a penguin, before I'd done my wings). The blokes were that went on Telic 3 were under the control of 52 lowland and got shafted big time by 52 head shed, to the extent that a 52 Csgt actual apologised for the standard of blokes that they sent.

    Cannon, all the tests are the same apart from the fact we dont do the 20 miler (just not enough time) and we do get slighlty longer form the 2 miler and the 10 miler. But the ones that count, the log race and stretcher are the same. They also expect the same standards in the field the week before p coy.

    Parry you can do both couple of our guys did CEOTC and GUOTC to get the MTQ's, dont know how it work while you are a recruit though?

  13. Yeh someone from CEUOTC had said they had sent a few bods to 4PARA and vice versa. Not sure how I'd fit it in but I imagine I could just go sit the assessment for MTQ1 and so on. I did most of the combat estimate, doctrine stuff with the Sigs so I may be able to sit the MTQ2 test too, don't know though.

    I'll see about that when it gets to the time, just want to get fully trained and everything out the way and settled before I start looking for other courses etc.
  14. Any currently serving TA personnel who are looking for a new and exciting challenge should take a look at the following:

    They aren't all meatheads. The ones I know actually have brains too!
  15. I like a challenge..... !!!?????? So do they have any positions for over 30 stabs?