New KHS Tritium Watch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. KHS have just released the MissionTimer II watch. This is Swiss made and uses mb-microtec light sources - the same ones used by Traser and Luminox.

    The KHS brand name was bought out by a Swiss manufacturer from the German Company with the original German company KHS, being a retailer now like everyone else.

    The new models come with a full International 2 year warranty on the watch and the usual 10 year on the mb-microtec light sources.

    They have a steel PVD case and screw down crown, are waterproof to 200m and have a Swiss movement.

    For more information Click Here

  2. Only 3 left and then we will be sold out :D

    Also note our new deliver/service policy on all watch sales -

    If you don't like it then please buy for someone else. Sorry to sound abrupt but our main client base is military and we feel it is only fair certain orders get to jump the queue.
  3. Are those the watches issued to german forces?. Same layout like our ones.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    "Our ones" ?

    Do the cadets have watches with round dials and hands to show the hrs, mins & secs too ?
  5. [spotter]
    The German Navy uses IWC 'Ocean Bund 3H' watches (NSN 6645-12-199-5070, 6645-12-197-9681, 6645-12-197-8096 & 6645-12-339-1536). It's entirely different to the KHS watch, which looks to be based on the RN watch.


    There's also a price difference - the civilian version of the Ocean Bund goes for around £6k secondhand, military versions are rarer and worth more.
  6. The KHS MT II is brand new and only actually been available since November. We get ours direct from the manufacturer in Switzerland. They were made for the German market but are becoming more popular elsewhere as they offer better value than most other brands using mb-microtec GTLS.
  7. It seems a bit presumptious, putting the broad arrow on a watch that doesn't appear to have been Codified. The hands and batons having integral betalights is certainly an improvement on paint, though.