New Kathy West Advertising Images

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MilitaryWatches, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. The latest Kathy West advertising images can be found on under the Kathy West section. Kathy did some sexy Police woman piccies for us :D
  2. Go on then I did not see them!
  3. Try the link that says 'Kathy West Ad Images' from the main menu, this will load a page with the current advertising images and the top set are the police uniform ones.
  4. Who is Kathy West??
  5. I don't get the whole Kathy West thing
  6. Did you have to put an extra hole in the strap to get them round her wrist? :D
  7. Very ordinary looking bird with huge cans.
  8. Must be nice to always date supermodels :D I wish all our local 'ordinary' girls looked like Kathy!
  9. Its ok most of the time

    Did you sample her innards?
  10. Kathy is a really nice girl...... perhaps you may remember she was one of the sponsors who donated stuff to help raise money for the British Legion last year.
  11. Alot of people give and have have given to various charities, doesn't mean they don't lke having thier bits licked.

    Aunty Stella donates heavily but would offer his guts for anyone to scoff
  12. I reckon you are really Glyn off Big Brother and you just haven't found the right sheep to settle down with yet :D
  13. Yeah yeah, quit the small talk, did you fondle her axe wound?
  14. Didn't realize Kathy had an axe wound. Perhaps the axe slipped when she was chopping your b@lls off :D