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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dazalar, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick hello, been looking through your site the last few days and it really is good, i have just sent off my application to join so ill keep you posted on my ups and down lol. whilst in cyberland i happended to come across this ,,, see what you think,,

    cheers. Daz
  2. Daz,

    Good to hear you are joining up, and good luck.

    Try and aim for longer than 5 weeks though, generally we refer to people like that as a waste of blood and organs. Particularly when they post videos of themselves making out that joining the Royal Logistics Corps is some sort of special forces training.

    Try this for a more balanced view:

    ITC Catterick Vid

    Genuinely, good luck. Unless you are the bloke in the video... In which case, kneel by the pit.
  3. No im NOT lol. just trawling the web to and do some homework and get as much info and insight into evrything so i dont go in blind!

    great website....
  4. Welcome to Arrse!

    You are doing the right thing, the Army is an excellent job, people will give you lots of advice, some good,some not so good!

    This is advice: Keep your mouth shut, eyes and ears open, volunteer for everything, be a good team player and give 110% every day. Oh! and enjoy it. Remember, basic training is not the Army, it's only when you get to your unit you will become a soldier and start living life!
  5. Welcome young man

    As S_R says, you are about to enbark on the most rewarding career of your life, you will not look back from this point, only forward.

    Being in the Army is all about taking the rough with the smooth, and believe me you will take a lot of rough for little of the other stuff, but when you are reminissing with your mates over a beer or three, you will only ever remember the good times!

    Taining will be tough (but not as tough as mine was!! :D ), all your instuctors want is your best effort. Only you will know if you have given your all, but if you can put your hand on your heart at the end of the day and say, "I gave 100% and could not do any better". Then nobody can ask anymore than that.

    Good luck with joining!

  6. I agree! 5 weeks is barely a touch on what to expect in the Army. After five weeks we had only just broken the surface of what it is to be a soldier and the skills you will need to learn.

    The worrying thing about that ITC Catterick video is that it looks far to nice and slow paced. I remember moving around Vimy barracks like sh*t off a shovel for the entire 12 weeks. We ran everywhere unless it was after scoff or on drill then we would march around with our heads held high in a soldier like manner. Never had a better feeling than marching off that parade square after going through so much pain and pressure to gain the status of an infantryman.

    Once your training is complete you will probably not see a change in yourself but when your parents turn up for your pass off your mother will be blubbing and shouting "my boy is a man" also go home and have a few pints with your mates and it all becomes apparent that you have turned into something more.

    Good luck

  7. there'll be times when your freezing cold and pi$$ wet through but just stick at it

    battalion life is nothing like depot
  8. Good to hear your joining up, dazz. Hope it all goes well for you.

    Just one thing, looking at some of the replies on the youtube link, I saw this one;

    What language is that??

    I tried to shove it into babelfish to translate but the nearest it could come up with was 'Mongolian'.

    Any ideas?
  9. Young man, welcome and if you decide to embark on a career in the army, no matter how long it is, enjoy it. As my son, who is going through Catterick at moment said the other day to me "wish i had done this earlier"

    TLF looks like Welsh to me, but then again I am no expert being Scottish
  10. Thanks for all the support. well im 22, and need a change . im Excited & nervous, just working on my fitness and hopefully ill get through. Long road ahead but i think im determined enough and looking forward to the future :)
  11. It must be Christmas T_M and Flashy are being nice to the youngsters in the training wing :D

    Dazalar look around the training wing threads theres lots of useful advice on there regarding the application process and the ups and downs of recruit selection at the ADSC. Good luck in the process.
  12. Being on leave can make even a grumpy old fart like me a happy soul, Iron................but Bah! Humbug to Christmas you cnut!!! :x
  13. I'm only being nice to him because I know what he has ahead of him. :D