New (July 11) AOSB Tests

Hi all,

I've been doing some research today and gleaned this from the TA forum:

"On a side note there's some slight changes coming in July 11, mainly to Main Board

MAP – a second version of the current test will be used, there will be no significant change to current format.
MAT – a new test of memory and attention will be introduced.
PAQ – a personality questionnaire will be introduced."

My Joining Instructions suggest this is accurate, does anyone have any further information on these new assessments similar to the info already posted on the older assessments? I'm not sure the date is correct so these many have been around for a month or so.

On the brighter side of things, the JIs are actually quite helpful and provide a number of practice documents, however, any recent experience of the actual assessments and how relevant the practice docs are would be great.

Yes those tests have been added. The personality one is 200 true, ? or false questions that end up going round in circles. On purpose I'm sure.

Didn't even credit me, how rude :<
Sorry mate, am working off my iPad and was between the ARRSE app and Internet, couldn't work out to reply with quote in another forum..

Seems to be plenty on the web about this type if stuff anyway so I will post up my links if the ones I use turn out to be helpful in any way.


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