New JSP - so why not the army? Are we not joint?

A new Joint Service Publication came into force on the 1st April this year. One of the main benefits to those of us serving overseas is the introduction of an allowance which entitles all personnel and their families a financial package to help them return to the UK. Currently the only allowance is for the serving soldier to make a single claim of up to £180 for a single journey back to the UK. This does not include any other family member. The new JSP has introduced a package which, unlike the current scheme allows each family member to claim up to £232 per individual to help with the return to the UK. So to the point of this......I currently serve in a joint unit, which has introduced the new JSP for all RAF personnel, however it has not been introduced for the Army. WHY NOT??? Surely a Joint Publication should be just that, and now they tell us that it's all because of the delay with JPA!! Sounds a bit like Pay 200???? doesn't it. Can anyone tell me how we can possibly be part of a joint unit when half of us are treated in a totally different way to the other half? Whinge over, but is there anything we can do about this?
Many of the changes in the JSP come in at different times for each Service depending on when they go onto JPA.

If you have a beef about it put your complaint in writing to your admin officer, he should then pass it to your SPS Branch & they should pass it to JPAC PACC ...who will tell you yes/no & why - it is quick and it works.

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