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Discussion in 'RLC' started by daddypops, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    If there are any Petroleum Operators out there, I would be very grateful if you could provise some insight into what the job is like and what the prospects of promotion are as well as future prospects once left the army.

  2. Use the search function and some stuff may come up but ill start you off.
    Assuming your not retrading and joined up and deciding what trade to take??
    We deal with Bulk Supply of Petroleum fuels including oils/lubes and gases.
    This actually is a very broad description of our trade as aircraft refuelling, testing of fuels, storage of bulk fuel, oils/lubes, fuel in Jerricans and gases. We deal with the accounting side of it but we try and palm this off as its boring! :twisted:
    In a Field Force Unit, it will involve tours of Afghanistan as well as detachments to Falklands, Belize, Kenya. Exercises could be more frequent but with fuel, you cant exactly get 100,000ltrs out, play with it and hand it back!
    The Exercises involve setting up Bulk Fuel Installations of what look like rubber pillows when full holding 136,000ltrs of which you can have in some cases 20 of them, all connected with hoses and pipework, with its own pumps to transfer fuel between the tanks and tankers. This is done in all weathers and times of day.
    In training you will learn about filters, pumping liquids (fuel obviously) and all the bits and pieces to enable good quality fuel goes into a vehicle, aircraft or even ship (apparently nuclear submarines but thats an inside trade joke!).
    Postings when your not in Cyprus or Afghanistan are some Units in Southern England and 2 in Germany. There are others in Germany but SNCO level.
    You can also volunteer for Airborne and Commando forces, in fact the Cdo lads are returning from Afghan over next rew days.
    Promotion is good actually if you play the game, dont get into too much trouble(!) and are a good egg! But over next 2 years or so, it will slow a bit due to movement higher up the scale and Veng kicking in.
    Jobs after the Army.......well ESSO wont be knocking on your door for your skills. Im not putting down the trade but a Refinery/Rig job is worlds away from what we do. Saying that we cover all the H&S stuff involving fuel etc, and we do a good fire fighting package but you would be easier getting a job on a oil rig as a chef than as a PetOp. You will get experience of fuel tankers and get a Operating Cert to operate army tankers but not always will get to drive them. But the peripheral edges of the job is where you can get qualifications in to help after the Army. Pollution side of it is something you can look into. I did a course, paid by the Army, that gives me civilian accreditaiton with Maritime Agency to deal with Oil Spills at Sea. Other people on the course were ESSO, SHELL refinery managers so its available if your at the right place right time.
    We are a small trade, and after a few years and your not a throbber will get on and know majority of people in it. There are other PetOps on here that will put their 2pence in and give further info.
    Ask anything else by all means.

    If your ginger though, look somewhere else. We have too many of them in the trade as it is!!! :wink:
  3. A good trade if your willing to get dirty and tired.
    Promotion is good as has been said up till SNCO then its slow due to our promotion pyramid.
    From a recruiters point of view there is a bit of a wait for places. Have a guy waiting four months to get in which isnt that bad compared to some.
    Being able to think on your feet and stay calm when things go pear shaped is very important.
    Also be prepared to have to explain your job time and time again to Non Corps soldiers, no one else seems to understand what we do!!!!
    Finally dont join if you think its about driving Tankers all the day. (THATS NOT OUR JOB)

    Finally you may feel sharp pains in your back upon joining, dont worry thats normal for our trade, get some good climbing shoes and make sure your able to kill your granny at a moments notice for promotion.
  4. Thanks for the info, finally does nayone have any tips on traing for the ADSC?
  5. Final note, sort your speeling!!!
  6. Hi there, my partner is awaiting his trade training under the TA in west moor for pet op's and we were just wondering what the pay would be like if he was to join the regular army as a qualified Pet Operator. Can anyone advise please?

  7. As a crusty old truckie from pre RLC days,I can honestly say that one of the finest SNCO's I ever met was a Pet Op,he also looked after the C Sups side of things when we deployed on Ex,the man was a mine of information,and never got flustered,and did a blinding job always,so much so that the RHQ would try to 'steal' him from time to time,he was however very adept at disappearing when needs be,and always remembered where he lived. ;-)
  8. Im gathering you asking when he is a TA Pet Op could he join the Regs and be a "proper" Pet Op. If im right then no. He would have to do the Regular course as the TA one is shorter. For instance he will be taught on 10 ltr Jerricans whereas the Regs use 20ltr. Also he will be taught on 1 tank sites whereas we do 2 tank sites.
    Joking aside, he will have to do the Reg course but will have covered some of it already so will be a bit easier.
  9. My top tip, stay away from 8sqn c troop, unless you like being constantly pissed up and having an arse like a broken cat flap
  10. dont do it i got out years ago because of all the bullshit and severe arse kissers.
  11. God! The old man of the trade comes back to haunt us!! The Wanderer returns! Lol
  12. Fcuk it, give it up and try and get offshore as an Oil & Gas Production Operator; similar sort of job but far better money.
  13. you cheeky shit,i am so happy i got out at the time i did,i have never seen so much arse kissing in my life,how you keeping ok i hope
  14. Yes mate, got 2 years to do then civvy street (in Afghan!) for me.
  15. Not with Supreme though eh ;) ha ha ha ha ******* pick your ******* p45's up in the post!!!!!!