New Jobsite for Ex Military Veterans and Reservists

Well, the registering page is not secure and as such I don't wish to put my details (particularly service number etc) on there as yet. What safeguards have you in place to ensure that personal data is kept secure?
After registsering, the data is held on an RFCA owned database accessed only by authorised staff !!! We are not building up a database for distribution or emails other than for employment!!
I understand that, but as the registration is insecure, I would imagine that the database is not secured against naughty chaps that want to do a bit of hacking.
Well we have our own secure servers here at the RFCA!! I fully understand where you are coming from, this is a trial to assist Reservists and Ex Regulars to find employment nothing more !! Thank you for your thoughts!!
He's right - like most forums we don't worry about not having secure registration as there is next to no personal information. If you're taking service numbers and addresses you should use a secure connection (SSL) and also register with the ICO. You're asking for DPA problems without that. The ICO website gives guidelines on this.

Afterthought: I wouldn't give you the info you've asked for given the lax approach that no SSL (and no privacy information?) implies. And I'm quite easy going with my own personal data compared to most.

Not keen on providing personal information via an insecure session on a bulletin board site, especially one which has GoDaddy as the registrar (given how relatively SPAM friendly GoDaddy is).
Once again thank you, some slight changes will occur to cut back on the data being given please be aware that our aim is get the right Reservist/Veteran in the right job with employers that are on side. As this is a trial and it does go well then the aim is to make it more secure!!! At this stage employers are now waitng to recieve CV's for current vacancies.
All good points about security and, as GoodCO mentions, ICO registration as a Data Controller. Registration is fairly straightforward although you do have to look carefully at the classes for which you require registration.

Good luck with this interesting RFCA initiative.
Thank you for the relevant information you have given us, please be aware we now have a security certificate on the site. We are now looking at the ICO registration, thanks again.....
I doubt very much if your site could find suitable employment for those ex regulars injured or ill veterans that cannot claim benefits due to the new regulations? Now that would be really beneficial and welcome and would not tax your system too much?


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south east again, typical.
I thought I would come onto this site and explain what we are trying to do. My organisation has produced a web site to advertise jobs for veterans and reservists who are seeking employment. The jobs are submitted by supportive employers who are keen to employ reservists or veterans.

The site is free to advertise and use. If you are seeking employment, you will need to register on the site with a little information to help confirm that you are/were in the Services. After a short delay you will receive an email concerning registration. If you are an employer and wish to advertise then the link below will take you to the landing page that has an email address to whom you can send your job. The jobs advertised are mainly for South East England though it does have some national jobs.

I thought long and hard as to whether we should have registration but this is the only way we can ensure the site is used in the main by reservists and veterans rather than having no registration at all. We have reduced the information required to a minimum and also given it an Https or secure certificate.

This is a trial – and if successful we will develop it further. The site should help support reservist mobility and support firms that we know of who are keen to employ reservists or veterans.

I hope you find it useful and if you are seeking employment, I wish you every success in finding a job !!

This link that will explain it further is
To what extent is this simply duplicating the efforts of RFEA and Career Transition partnership ? Should you (RFCA) not be passing all info on potential employment opportunities to the RFEA ? Having a multitude of different job sites makes life no easier for the individual - Will every Regional RFCA now set up a similar site ? Will employers think they have "done their bit" by registering on your site, while the majority of Service Leavers and Veterans will probably not see it ?
Going through this process of finding a job recently i would suggest you get online and submit your CV on every site. Its a pain in the arse to do, especially when it uploads it then fucks about with your formatting making you have to almost re-write it. But ive secured one job a few weeks ago but as i dont officially start until mid July im still "looking". Got 2 phonecalls today from CV websites that i uploaded it to, one working in Buncefield Oil Depot (the one that blew up!) and one with a NATO Operations Aassurance Contractor. I also think though its how the CV is written with those automated searches employers do to find the right CV.
Thanks for the reply. We do work in close partnership with them but this a site aimed at reservists/TA and I think the first of its kind. We are using our networks and expertise for the TA as well as employers - plus we are doing it for free whereas other agencies charge. The aim is to roll it out nationally if it is success. It is but a small attempt to help - nothing more.

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