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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. hi ive got my place at lichfield all sorted i leave on the 5th march but ive looked at another job as an electronic warfare signals operator instead of communication systems operator, i was thinkking is it possible for me to change jobs this late inot my application? or do you guys think i would be better staying with my current job choice, thanks a lot
  2. It's deffinetly not to late to change, just let them know in your initial interview on arrival at Litchfield, they will then be able to speak to the P.S.O (personnel sellection officer) and he should be able to help you out.

    As for the second part of your question, I would stick with CS Op. although EW Op, has it's benefits (Promotion, education etc) they don't have that many postings available to them, and to other trades within the Corps they are looked upon as the scum of the Corps (Yes, worse than Techs!). The CS Op can have almost any posting in the World, The promotion prospects are getting better and better, I know of people picking up their second in thier first unit and reaching the Mess in thier second, plus with the enhanced learning credits if you want to learn languages etc.. then you can ( and possibly in the Army's time too).

    Obviously this decision is entirely up to you, don't let yourself be railroaded into a job you don't want to do, trust me, it's not godd for you and it's not good for the Army, gather as much info as you can listen to all the advice you're given, and make up your own mind.
  3. I'm due to start at Blandford soon and during basic I was told that the CS Op job is there for me, one I've chosen originally.

    I'll still do the CS Op course but after that if I want I can go and do the EW Op course as well.

    Not too sure at the moment.
  4. That's a bit harsh. Misunderstood, but hardly scum. At least their trade is a proper CIS job with real practical application in today's warfighting environment (thank you Tony and George) - e.g. ECM protection, DFing Osama's chums and all the 'special' stuff that should never be discussed on tinterweb or even in t'pub.
  5. Thanks a lot for your help guys, ill give it some thought
  6. Slightly misinformed there Walrus. I'm sure there are one or two lads and lasses in Iraq and Afghanistan who might not be here today if it were not for the 'SCUM' that you mentioned.

    Suggest you wind your effing neck in.
  7. be warned.

    making a fuss about changing trade will result in you being mislead information.

    do not even attempt to enter a discussion with the adults unless you are 100 per cent sure you want to move and have more than enough points and knowledge to counter any argument why you should stay in place.

    the reason you should listen to me is because i have done it myself.

    you will most likely be told to complete your training then try to change after that. fully in the knowledge that it will get you off thier backs for a while and make it someone elses problem. of course after the army has trained you in a certain trade it would be reluctant to waste the money or the time, so your chances are really slim unless you have a better arguement than "i think i might like to be *insert other trade here*" your troop staffy will tell you to just "try your trade for a year before changing".... a year later you are comfortable and got your class 2. after that your gunning for lancejack slots and hopefully by then you will have forgotten about it all as its not worth the hassle. seen it happen all the time!

    just make sure you are 100% about any moves, and good luck its not impossible, iv moved trades twice. but it was a right ballache
  8. Take your time in basic training to look into each trade, no offence to those who frequent this site but sometimes the information given is biased towards their own trades and/or against trades that have a fasters promotion and more pay.

    Take the time to speak to the PSO in basic and find out more about each trade, also speak to your staff about their trades. Again watch out for bias against/for certain trades and also trades that may need more numbers. When I joined up the army was very short of techs thus meaning anybody with ok GCSE's was told to go tech.

    You will get the chance to change trades once you get to phase 2 and are in a holding troop. once you start your trade training it is quite difficult to change especially if they are low on numbers in your trade (took me 3 months to talk them into letting me go spec op). You could try what I threatened to do which is fail your current course but that will only hinder you and limit your choice of trades.
  9. i also thought about failing a course on purpose, but a lad did this and then got bounced quite severely. it soon put me off

    just remember if you **** them around they will most definately **** you around. without a shadow of a doubt

    if you fail it, fail it by a little, this keeps your options open