New Job advice needed

Sorry if its the wrong forum but need a bit of advice.

Been offered a 12 month contract with room for an additional 6 months OR will be possiblystop being a contractor and effectively go 'on the books' if it all works out.

At present the pay offer is good and all contractual points have been settled and I am in receipt of contract. The company are funding all travel and hotel stuff (which I'm led to believe is rare in theses).

They are however insisting that I use an umbrella company who will administrate all aspects of my salary, expenses, tax, NI ect. After digging about a bit I am not entirely sure I wish to use one of these companies, there seems to be a fair bit of chatter about them overcharging or screwing things up.

I have an accountant in mind, I am happy to register myself as a limited company and will be sorting out indemnity insurance so surly then ill just be able to administrate my own financial activity?

(for info its the construction industry, I am managing a couple of teams of shop fitters)

anyone help?

John 2 RGJ 91-97

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