new James computer system

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sharperifles, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Just had my training on the new James system this week and using it in my fleet manager role.
    What does everyone else think of this system i like it wish we had it years ago.
    What did you think of the training from the guys who came to your unit and gave you the lessons.
    Just hope my DII is up to the task of hosting this new tool.
  2. In my experience (of trying to get vehicles off the MT rather than giving them out) - it's wank and we're still using both systems anyway.
  3. There's another thread on here full of whinges about it, if you can be arrsed to look for it. I can't.
  4. I think the system is just what the army needs pity some people are scared of change.
  5. If spending 45 minutes in the MT watching the lad over there trying to persuade the computer that the Land Rover I've just driven from my building to the MT (a) actually exists, (b) isn't in Iraq, Afghanistan or on detail somewhere and (c) isn't already booked for another detail is just what the Army needs, then we've succeeded with flying colours.
  6. In this era of tree hugging and money saving why have we reverted to a system that wastes more paper than the old 1000 series?
  7. S'funny. Us light blue are going to be coming into line and joining the JAMES thing soon. Unfortunately - the MT aspect of it doesn't match the capability of the 20 year old crap we're currently struggling with.

    Progress indeed.
  8. Is this system the same as unicom?
  9. no it isn't.

    Whether you mean unicom or unicom Q, it isn't the same.