New Jamaican PM Pledges to quit the Commonwealth

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pyianno, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Well, if any consolation you left ours in pretty good shape, cheers mate.
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  2. Rather depends on how you look at it.
  3. Jamaica's banana plantations all seemed to be propped up by EU money last time I was there, couldn't figure that one out. The roads were a laugh, I'm sure the locals thought the new white lines down the middle of them meant they didn't need to use lights at night just straddle the lines.

    We left Jamaica a pretty sound place back in the 60's, working modern rail system etc. They've fcuked it up not us.
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  4. The RLCs gonna have some recruiting dramas then
  5. I assume they would like us to pay off their £12bn debt prior to cutting the apron strings?

    PS Is it just me that sees their new PM as a Glenda Jackson lookalike?
  6. From the above article.
    Her People's National party has said it will try to renegotiate roughly 25% of a troubled $400m road programme financed by China in order to transfer some of the money to the employment programme
  7. tumblr_lw7qpuR5rA1r8rbaao1_400.jpg

    Unless that means we can deport all the Yardies back to their homeland, allow me to take this moment to not care.:roll:
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  8. Well at least we may have a chance of winning a sprint medal in the Commonwealth Games in the future then.
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  9. Oh dear, how sad, what a shame.
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  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Presumably this means Jamaica is off the route for the Royals' Jubilee tours.

    No doubt we borrow another £xm to give them as a parting present.

    Edited to add a Jamaican reminiscence of the family (my grandfather was seconded to the WIR) coming back one day in the 1920s to find the gardener's lad tied to a tree with my father, age 6 or so, whitewashing him. Asked what was going on my father said he had asked the gardener's boy if he would like to be a white man.
  12. Good. The Commonwealth is a waste of money - the quicker we are shot of it the better.
  13. The article quotes the Jamaican PM as saying she wants rid of HM as head of state, she hasn't said anything about pulling out of the Commonwealth.
    There are Republic's within the Commonwealth and having HM as head of state is by no means a criteria for Commonwealth membership.
    Jamaica has nothing to gain by pulling out of the Commonwealth and personally I'd rather not have our Queen associated with the toilet that Jamaica has become.
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  14. I watched a documentary (last year perhaps?) that retraced HM's first royal global tour to places as diverse as Tonga & Jamaica.

    Interestingly many elder Jamaicans interviewed for it, citing the violent shit hole that their country had become, advocated a return of power to the UK. It was even heavily discussed on local radio stations etc.
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