New Jaguar XF with 2.2 diesel engine

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by RCT(V), Jul 6, 2011.

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    Today’s issue of Autocar (06JUL11), with its anticipated full road test of the new Jaguar XF with 2.2 diesel engine, will provide the answer to a question I have been reluctant to contemplate - never mind ask!

    Jaguar XF with 2.2 diesel engine . . . transverse engine/front wheel drive (FWD), or “north-south” engine/rear wheel drive (RWD) ?!

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    The pragmatic engineering solution would be to simply transfer over to the Jaguar XF, all of the existing Freelander transverse engine/all wheel drive (AWD) transmission and mechanical installation.

    This particular specification/configuration alone, will apparently set Jaguar on the road to world domination - with all the additional sales it is going to win in the northeast, New England, winters of the USA.

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    The then mechanical layout for the less technically proficient two-wheel-drive Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel, would present itself as (again) being a simple transfer over to the Jaguar XF, all of the existing (recently introduced) Freelander transverse engine/front wheel drive (FWD) transmission and mechanical installation.

    The prospective owner of a FWD (two-wheel-drive) Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel, is presumably not necessarily going to be aware of the compromises inherent in such a mechanical configuration - when compared to the finely honed RWD chassis that was developed by (ex-BMW’s) Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle for the earlier S-Type, when he was the head of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group. That finely honed RWD chassis was carried-over to the XF - and, in the form of the XFR, is one of the very few “five star” cars to be included in Autocar‘s new-car listings.

    However, Jaguar would then have a problem in how to successfully differentiate a FWD (two-wheel-drive) Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel, from the PSA donors’ of the 2.2 diesel engine, the similarly configured large Peugeot and Citroen models.

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    The main competitors for the Jaguar XF in the executive market segment - are generally perceived to be the BMW 5 series and Mercedes E-Class. They are both RWD regardless of engine capacity.

    Can we rely on Jaguar to do “the-right-thing”, and engineer a 2.2 diesel engine XF, with “north-south” engine/rear wheel drive (RWD) ?

    Or, will the legacy of Jaguar’s mechanical integrity be compromised further?

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    Edited with the inclusion of the word “further”, to placate “jagman”.

    We should not have the “Jaguar’nista” falling-out amongst themselves!!
  2. As its Indian, I will give it a miss.
  3. Sorry, what was that again?
  4. Jaguar's mechanical integrity went down the pan when they adopted MacPherson strut
  5. Original edited with the inclusion of the word “further”, to placate “jagman”.

    We cannot have the “Jaguar’nista” falling-out amongst themselves!!
  6. TATA an Indian company own Jaguar, so god knows how they have bastardised it.
  7. So I'm a bit of an anorak......:)
  8. Ford managed to do that long before Tata turned up
  9. Oh right, so its worse then I thought....the Yanks have owned it, and now may as well have been made in Chine out of old tin pots.

  10. No more so than (some of) the rest of us are, or would like to be :)

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  11. I was mildly surprised and greatly relieved, that the new British Management (as distinct from ownership), of Jaguar, had been allowed to do “the right thing”, and have a configured a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) Jaguar XF 2.2D . . . . as befits a serious competitor in the executive market sector :)

    After a pretty exhaustive comparison with a similarly spec’ed BMW, the somewhat Teutonic orientated AUTOCAR magazine, concluded . . . .

  12. To be fair, Ford Europe did get Aston back on their feet, and it was Ford US that knackered it all up.
  13. Yeh but it was also Ford who insisted Jaguar were not allowed to build the XK8 with a manual box
  14. Ah, British management that has how many "British born" Indians in it? No doubt they now outsource all the parts that make up a jag from tin pot alley in India.

    Surley a front wheel drive vehicle is much better....particularly given the weight of the cars and wet roads.
  15. There's just been a program about building the new Jaguar on the discovery channel. I was impressed that they are now a very hi tech company. Shame about the Brummie accents though. Kinda detracts from the glossy robots and stuff. :)