New Issue Windproof Smocks

I'm on a training course with the Air Training Corps, and for it we've all been issued the new pattern windproof smocks with wire hoods.
Our big question is, What on Earth is the little pocket on the left arm designed for?! it's much too small for a field dressing, can anyone here help? I thought that the Infantry would be the best people to ask.
I got one issued, but can't remember noticing the little pocket. Perhaps UGL round, I've no idea.

I don't see the point in having the wire though, my squadron made a slit in the corner of the hood and yanked them out with leathermans. More comfortable.
The little pocket is for a "RECCO Reflector (Avalanche detector)", remember it's an Arctic smock! One goes in the smock pocket, the other goes in the opposite side trouser pocket, so you have full coverage. Hope this helps.


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Far too small for UGL round.

Baldrick, no idea what it is intended for, but it's a useful place to keep your multitool close at hand. Not a new design either, sure I've seen similar arm pockets on some older issue smocks & para smocks.

PS Blobmeister, it's really an arctic smock? Seems to be a lot less warm than ripstock & older types.
The RECCO Rescue System consists of two parts:

The RECCO REFLECTOR is carried by the Soldier. It is sewn into Arctic clothing (trouser pocket lid) and placed into smock pocket (left and right side).

The RECCO DETECTOR sends out a radar signal which is reflected by the reflector, making an exact location of the victim possible.


Two parts?

Just like your post blobmeister!!!!! :p

I was always told it was for a locater thingy of some sort, and I buy in to the above BUT.....

Why to the Desert ones have them too?
They just copied the green version and didn't think to remove it.

Why did some of the first desert combats have eppaulettes on the shoulders in addition to the chest?

Now that's fücked up...
Its not for the RECCO its for the mini IR flashers working on the same principle as the firefly. So we don't Brass up any friendly C/S at night.
The reason why we get brassed up is that pretty much all Aircraft don't use IR capability, so that pisses that theory out the water. It was designed for the RECCO (I am Arctic trained troops) Most Aircraft work by Thermal, hense not seeing the Whizz wheel's last year in Helmand.
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