Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by shortarms, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Saw this and was wondering if these are on issue now or will they be in the future? CLICKY

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  2. Not sure if they are issued as im waiting to go on basic, but did buy a pair from the EFI whilst in the TA and must admit they are really comfy and provide good support for running.
  3. At £100 a pair, they have got to be having a giraffe
  4. I'm just about to hand in my Hi-Tec silver Shadows for a new pair.

    I remember in the 80's we ran in boots and had bought our own hi-tecs for swanning about pubs etc. They went really well with grey cords which were also in fashion.

    Before you all laugh ya bstaards - unless you have a design/sewing qualification you can only buy what's in the shops!!!!!!!!

    The rule in Clubs/Disco's etc was - Shoes Only - for those of us in Jock Regiments thank feck brogues were in fashion, but it was a helluva job gettn them past the guardroom. Even worse was not remembering to pick up your carrier bag (thrown over the fence) carrying your trainers and swap the buggers.

    We learned to buy a pair of patent leather oxfords - far less hassle!!!

    I went green again three years ago and burst out laughing when I got ISSUED hi-tecs. Absolute pish in the wet - got the traction properties of a wet bar of soap!!

    Happy days :D
  5. There is something like a 30% squaddie discount. Details are on Armynet. I bought a pair of the black ones for about £40.
  6. Bought mine yesterday using MOD discount code. Only 50 quid with said code.
  7. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    What was wrong with the old white dappers ??? . . ... . ..
  8. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think mine are still in my parents loft somewhere.

  9. Someone's gotten hold a surplus job lot of the old Hi-tec desert boots, cut the top off and are flooging them back to Her Majesty at a tasty profit
  10. anyone still got hold of their green daps from the mid 90's? I remember being told at the time that they were made by Reebok, but the branding was removed for the military issue version. :roll:
  11. I prefer the green/grey issue trainers from early 90s (I've still got, and use regularly a pair my Dad 'found' in 1993!)
  12. Yeah, I've still got mine somewhere, I haven't worn them since finishing recruit training.

    I can't believe that they were ever made by Reebok. They were Sh1te.

    I remember being told as a crow that they were not really suitable for running in and that you could only wear them in the gym.

    Is / was this true ?
  13. Not sure about that, but they were sh1te :roll:

    Used to tear my achilles to fcuk :x
  14. The daps caused lots of problems including stress fractures even when only used in the gym. They weren't fit for purpose, so were replaced with 'training shoes' instead!