New Issue Load Carrying Tactical Vest -errrrr?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PanfOOkMayday, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    Looking for some advice....

    Just been issued the new Load Carrying Tactical Vest as I'm off somewhere nice and sandy and must admit - have no scooby what to do with it!

    Also, given where I'm based at the mo there is rather a lack of infantry experience so I'm hoping some of the guys who have used it recently could point me the right way...

    Anyway. I've put all the pouches on as per the diagram you get with it (without the 40mm pouches as if I'm using a UGL - it's gone very wrong) and clipped the Camelback on.

    Is that pretty much it or are there any top tips from there? Seems a good bit of kit, especially as you can interchange kit with the Osprey.

    Any top tips greatly appreciated!
  2. Put your stuff in the pouches and do them up, put your left arm in the right hole and your right arm in the right hole, do up the clips on the front and Bob's your mother's brother.

    Coming up:

    Pants - An accident waiting to happen. How to put them on without falling over.
  3. Foolish thing to say to a confused person requesting help! You meant, I'm sure, for this gent to put his left arm in the LEFT hole. Or should you just write "correct" instead of "right" to avoid any confusion?

    Top post though. :D
  4. LOL i am sure he was looking in a mirror at the time
  5. someone help. Both my arms are stuck in the right hole of my vest and I cannot get them free. Only just manage to type.

    Someone please help!
  6. Always knew that headdobber of yours would come in handy.
  7. on a slightly serious note (be a first for me!) assumeing yuh talking about the new issue desert MOLLE PLCE Vest (or what ever the offcial descruiption of it is - I dont know (or care!), but that is what it is!).
    its designed with the intention that you configure it to suit your role & task mate, so if you only need one ammo pouch & waterbottle pouch on there, then thats your setup or if you need the whole kit & ker-bouddle on there, chuck it on, if in vehicles keep the back free of pouches & so on.

    'course the only snag in that idea is if you have a arrse-living-in-the-past Unit Headshed with meglomania that insists everyone sets the kit up the same, but alas defense procuament coulden't design that one out! :D

    have a good tour mate
  8. Thanks mate....

    Thats what I thought. Seems a v good bit of kit (especially the Camelback attachment) but no pistol holster although there are pistol mag badgers???

    Anyway. The changes in kit in the last 5 years have been impressive. Such as the Meindle boots - cracking bit of kit.

    Thanks for the advice...
  9. PLCE all the way.
  10. Sorry, but you're f*cked! :D
  11. if you need to carry a pistol & a holster is not issued with the new vest system, have a look on the net. you should be able to get a decent molle compatible holster for about 15-20 quid. do a molle holster in their yank section which comes in green or tan & I know is quality.
    have a shufty on their. their webpage is linked to the QM section on arrse as they sponsor it.