New issue boots... question

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bibo_boy, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. My Q has ordered some new boots for me from bicester last week as my physio has said my std assault boots did not provide enough ankle support!!!!

    Any ideas what books I'm probably going to end up with????
  2. You joke...

    but your probably right!
  3. and " Joey Deacon" jam-jar glasses held on with pink elastic :lol:
  4. Ha ha ha.. .. imagin havin them big ones as combat boots.. CFTs wud be more of a challange!
  5. Bulling them.. haha.... I think wearin a pair on parade with your trousers tucked inside wud go down a treat!
  6. im due to get some of those new fangled tailored boots can you let us know what they are like... otherwise im just gonna have to spend some tokens on a new pair of proboots/lowas. which help my feet 100% more but get accused of wearing them for style!!! *astards!

    anyone else get any gyp for wearing them for medical reasons... funny aint it! :D
  7. There is a place where you can buy Lowas for £80.. just need a BFPO number.. sorted.. £80.. sorted.. phone number.. still waitin for it..shh suppppposed 2 be a secret so I was told.
  8. :D i get branded with the faker tag. never mind, anyone who has seen my feet will know!

    im going through a pair every 2 years roughly where as i cant even wear assault boots due to the excessive overhang of my ankle! it looks minging. got the insoles they were crap and if anyone else has got collapsed arches ask for the 4 degree heel lift attachment at the back it just glues on and lifts your arch. (its mint) availiable through you local physio! but ask nicely!

    just a defensive note.... im not one of those who are constantly at physio sciving off work. :D

    on the signature note, got it off murphys military laws. but have served with the ta and found them a bloody good bunch of lads. not a bad word against the ones i was with on telic

  9. you lot dont know you have been born... get an ald pair of ammos on or some of dem der dry mould standard...

    Then again I paid for a few nice pairs of Danner's.. boots combat nikes too
  10. there was a girl at AFC(H) who had fucked feet and she got a pair of custom Altberg boots so you might be lucky to get them

    if you dont get isued them there a hell of a boot and worth looking at good prises as well click here to take a look at there home site.

    they might not look like much but im still to find someone who has complained and the aftersale care is top notch as well.

    all round better than lowa
  11. I've always been very lucky I suppose as the Issue boots in a size 9m fit me perfectly. I have never suffered fom blisters - no matter what socks I wear although I recently picked up some 1000 mile socks as they were the right price (free) - nor have I had any problems with my feet.

    I have found that the Fleece insoles sold at Morrison's supermarket are very comfortable and rather cosie - particularly in the cold but they have good cushioning properties aswell and at only a couple of quid they are cheap enough.

    Bibo boy. quick word of warning when you get your "special boots." It will be very difficult to tell which one is left and which one is right due to the large plastic protrusions which clamp around your calfs. I suggest tippexing L and R onto the toes appropriately.
  12. I'm sure I'll manage.... If not I'll grab some nfq to help? :roll:
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    EWK, I think you'll find that Murphy, the famous Bog Trotter-Septic, when formulating his laws has misquoted another even more learned gentleman.

    I believe the original quotation went something like this:

    "There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result."

    By a chap who managed to get shot at on more than one occassion and eventually became the Prime Minister.
    A certain Mr Churchill, though I doubt the Septic would have heard of him.