New Israeli uniform

Is it any improvement on what US & UK troops currently wear?

On total mobilization the IDF is 1 million bodies, so some manufacturer is going to get quite a concession.
I recall coming to Italy in 99, Bit of a stir in the government as back in 1950/60 had a few hundred thousand troops (plus), conscripts on call.

In 89 working in Italy the poor conscripts were called up and became, grass cutters, bar men, painters etc...

When they went to a volunteer Force they found many old contracts requiring XXX thousand pairs of boots, socks, et all that were still being carried out. Mind I have never seen a 2 year old soldier in Italy?

Seems those favoured companies just , kind of , changed the official requirement to that , which made money.

Paid twice.

As you would.
Like anyone is going to notice when they under water.:rolleyes:
Where did you get the bit about nuclear cruise missile equipped? The Izzies bought their boats from Germany, which are more or less the same as the German boats, ie no cruise missiles.
You can pretty much fire anything you
Like out of a torpedo tube as long as it’s under 533mm diameter.

Guess what. Sticking on nuclear warhead on something that’s less than 533mm in diameter has been done numerous times.
How unfortunate that I'm on the Syrian border right now and thus unable to contribute more..... illustrative material to this thread.
Is the IDF still going to continue wearing those big bags on their helmets?
As part of the testing, wouldn't they to also check the stretchiness and rip resistance over buttocks for the 'special tighter than a tight thing' version seemingly only issued to good lookin nubile women recruits?

It's not mentioned in the article.
You really ought to tell the Israeli MoD, they can then publish the results with piccies.
Guess what. Sticking on nuclear warhead on something that’s less than 533mm in diameter has been done numerous times.
I've read somewhere that nuclear artillery rds are available in 155 mm, so 533 should be a piece of p1ss.
Slatternly possibly.........................................................hopefully.
I would certainly be in favour of seeing them in this uniform

I see you have the same issue as us. Very big and heavy laptops. It’s not that there’s not lightweight heavy duty commercially available laptops out there.
I think there's quite a variety in use - may be connected with her unit, role, whatever
In geek mode. Why no chamber indicator and are the black boots new as well, in all the other pictures the IDF appear to wear brown boots.
actually the majority have black boots.

the red boots used to be only fior airborne. Now it's airborne, various SF and the Nahal and Kfir infantry brigades

Good question about the chamber indicator - I've no idea why

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