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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Minxy, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. We need a name for the new group to be created on the Island.

    We have the ARRSE group which will ONLY contain ARRSER members, but we are increasingly being visited by 'outsiders' who ask for a group title.

    The plan is to have two main groups one containing ARRSERS the other containing ARRSERS and 'outsiders' makes it easier in the long run for group notices etc etc.

    Any ideas on the name bearing in mind it will be the 'non arrse' group, needs to reflect the Island in some way and indicates the wearer is not an ARRSER. (Im making an assumption most ARRSERS will wear the ARRSE group title whilst on the Island that way we will know friend or foe erm.....I mean ARRSER or outsider) :D
  2. Erm Rear Party :D
  3. arrse lovers

    rnr island castaways

    elbows (then we can tell our arrsers from our elbows)

    R N R ISLAND vip,s
  4. I like ' Friends of Arrse'....
    I'll go down well in the butchy boy community !!

    Will the Arrse group users be able to allow the affiliates to join, or will this be left to officers only?
  5. Walts
    Red Troop
    NAAFI Bods
    Garrison Growlers
    RnR groupies
    ARRSE Recruit
    ARRSE potential
  6. Cant we tell them to feck off and get their own group? Or make them "ARRSE Leech" and charge them L500 for the privilege?
  7. ARRSE Peepers :)
  8. followers of arrse
    sas supporting arrse settlers (that'll pull the walts in)
    arrse island civvies
    Potential Recruits
    Human shields
    cannon fodder
  9. Worshippers of Lord Sponge, master of all things.
  10. I think you'll have to pay for that one yourself...unless you already have lol
  11. Hmmm Im edging towards ARRSE Walts OR Rearparty (which would keep in with the whole forums theme).

    Anyone have any strong preferences for one of the others, some good suggestions there btw?
  12. Now there's a thought :plotting:
  13. Be very farking lonely in that group Bullet!!! There would be you and er.......lets see YOU.
  14. Oi, back in your box until I ask for you to comment! :threaten:
  15. :yawnstretch:

    *looks round* you clearly weren't stupid enough to be talking to me there were you fucknuts?

    Go back to eating your crayons, theres a good boy.