NEW(ish) DROPS mod

Discussion in 'RLC' started by brettarider, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Imagine to my surprise finding out that all DROPS now going through a re-furb at ABRO now have a 12vlt cigarette socket fitted to them it might not be news to you but as TA it is to me me. So what you running or planning to off your's?
  2. Common sense from the Army?!? :?
  3. iPod springs immediately to mind, although I can't understand why such a simple mod is being carried out at ABRO. Any REME sparky could fire a cigarette lighter into a wagon in ten minutes.
  4. The all important mobile phone charger? The one made for car ciggie lighters.
  5. Is it not for just providing a non-sparking form of ignition for lighting up whilst carrying fuel or ammo on the back? :wink:
  6. Its not getting fitted fellah's, im afraid we been too busy fitting new radiators fans and induction kits for desert climes, that we been too busy to fit those sorry. If you would like one contact your friendly local fitter (shouldbefucuckinvmsectionifthenigswer'ntsoshit) section, and they should kindly square you away. I might add that the rads fans and ind kits are not needed at all in the UK but we were forced to fit them during overtime anyway. Ah well