New Iraqi Abuse Allegations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Spanner, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. The Express calls the programme "confused" and the Torygraph goes on to state that "no official complaint has been made" and that the only "corroboration" is that they were "released without charge from Umm Qsar".

    Withholding judgment until after broadcast and I hope the accusations are baseless, but it does occur that certain "human rights" lawyers have been drumming up trade. If compensation is mentioned what have the accusers got to lose if they do make it up? They win and get a pay out, they lose and they don't infact lose anything!

    Wait out and see what comes to light I suppose.
  2. The prog was on as I got out of bed this morning. That lawyer gets a long time on screen making his case for Justice.
    How about sum Justice for young Tom fighting Dear Leaders wars ?
  3. Shiner got a lot of time. Wark gave Fife boy a hard time.Upshot is rules change soon , Col. Collins was also interviewed, arguing for tighter procedure involving CIVPOL.

    Sorry if I got that wrong , was flicking between channels at the time.
  4. Far be it from me to defend the RMP, but I thought Col Collins' comments about the RMP being, "More suited to traffic control than things like this (ie investigating alleged prisoner abuse in Iraq)" and, in the same sentence, stating the RMP "Are simply being overwhelmed by the amount of investigations that are being put on their plate" was self-contradictory and smacked of sour grapes (he was, of course, himself investigated by the RMP and subsequently cleared). Where exactly would the civilian police find the resources and skills necessary to investigate alleged war crimes in the middle of Iraq?
  5. Rules were going to change anyway. Despite being one of the statutory tree-huggers on this channel, what I saw of this programme was not terribly convincing. However they did make the point that British Forces are generally doing well in this area, and well-regarded by the locals,