New Iraq Documentary coming out


Here's a quote from a soldier in it

"I served in Iraq for 9 months. I was not stationed in a green-zone- I was staioned in a combat zone. Therefore, I saw combat until the day I left Iraq. I saw Iraq first hand, from the invasion of Fallujah until the day of the elections. Several marines were injured and many died.

Now, I love driving to work without having to worry about being blown up by an IED. Futhurmore, during my drive to work I also love seeing cars with yellow ribbons that say "Support the troops, bring them home." How the **** do people expect to support us when they want us to come home? Do you know what that says to me? It tells me, that everything I did in Iraq doesn't mean a ******* thing; that all the marines and soldiers who died don't matter either. This also means that all of the Iraqi civilians we save and the stability we provide in Iraq don't matter as well. So, why do I come home to a handshake, and a weird look? Just because I believe what I did in Iraq servered a purpose, many people jump to the conclusion that I'm brainwashed. Anti-war protestors have their opinions on the war in Iraq and many people accept them. However the opions of the troops that were actually there are not widely accepted.

Does that answer your question? Does the song make sense now? "We don't want your ******* pity"- we want you to consider our opinions and open your eyes to the truth. I love how you call us a "handful of marines..."; When actually there are thousands upon thousands of troops that feel the same way. Yes, were all "propaganda"- that's what these videos are about... It's ironic that when I turn on the news I feel the same way. Why is that? All that people see is what's on CNN and Fox News. They read the paper and they automatically assume that they know what's really happening in Iraq. The American public sits at home watching their flat screen TVs - watching the new episode of Baghdad ER and they feel disgusted. It's not the marines that are brainwashed, it's the American public that's brainwashed by what's portrayed in the media." - Sergeant Welsh

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