New Iraq/Afghanistan book - pics needed if poss

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Monday books, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. Morning everyone

    We are a small publishing firm.

    It's a long shot, but I was wondering whether any members would be able to supply us with general view pictures of:

    - CIMIC House in Al Amarah
    - Sangin District Centre
    - Garmsir District Centre
    - the Al Jameat cop shop
    - the old Baath Party HQ in Basra
    - Musa Qaleh
    - Al Majar Al Kabir
    - the bridges taken by RRF outside Basra during Telic One (specifically the ones where Chris Head and Charles Campbell won MCs)
    - Abu Al Khasib
    - the Al Usayr SFB in Maysan

    Obviously, we would be happy to pay the appropriate fee and credit the photographer.

    They're for a book we're publishing later this year called 'In Foreign Fields' (if interested, more details are at though the cover is to change).

    It is being produced with the co-operation of the MoD, and the Ministry will vet any pictures used (Crown Copyright obviously applying where taken by military personnel).

    The book is a series of interviews with blokes involved in actions at the above places (and many more) - some of them Arrse members, actually. (The interviews are being used in their entirety with virtually no comment or extraneous chat - it's 'in their own words', so to speak).

    Obviously, we have many pics of the people involved, but actual shots of, for instance, Cimic House in AA, are hard to find. It's a long shot, but if anyone who was there got a spare five minutes to do some photography in between being mortared and shot at, it would be great to see them! (Stress again, the MoD will approve).

    Out of interest, 50% of the writer's fee for the book is going to SSAFA.

    If you have any shots and would like to help, you can either PM us or contact me directly at dancollins @

    Mods - if this is in the wrong place, apologies and pls move - I just wanted to get it seen by the highest number of people!

    Thanks all

    Dan Collins
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Again, I'll leave this up for the time being, but the form is that you ask permission from the site owners before posting this kind of request.
  3. Must be "one of them days"!
  4. apologies to all
    in my defence i did try to email cpunk asking if it was OK to post this up, but the email bounced back. i should have PMd also but stupidly, i didn't. i appreciate this is crap, and i could have emailed other mods, but i felt the post would be of interest, and also potentially of benefit, to members (including me, of course).
    if poss, can i retrospectively seek permission to keep the post up?
    this is a book which will appeal to site members and it does have at least some charitable benefit (to SSAFA).
    if not acceptable i understand completely and apologise again (and please just remove).
  5. Can I also advertise my Taxi Business :D
  6. I entered a post at end of last week (Friday I think) on the main Afghanistan news thread that Skynet regularly updates about a young Irish guy called John D McHugh.
    Not sure how you can contact him but he produced some superb black and white photos, a couple of which were used in the latest edition of Newsweek. I believe the S.Times (magazine?) were/are due to use some of his stuff.
  7. that's brilliant, thanks a lot
    will have a go at tracking him down
    now have a good pic of the al jameat
    hardest one seems to be cimic house - there is an aerial pic in sniper one but it's unclear what's what and where, to say the least
  8. John D McHugh
    Pictures of international conflict from the news photographer John D McHugh. Weblog and scenes from Afghanistan, May 2006.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Try contacting Michael Yon too. He's a reporter who's been out with our lads, as well as septics and takes some great shots. He may also be able to provide some good contact details too.

    The man

    Any publisher creating a book with just forces experiences in, and donating a bunch of the proceeds to SSAFA deserves our support.