New IRA punishment

I bet they are all using golden bullets as well, in the wake of the bank job...

From the Independent:

In Belfast's brutal backstreet humour, the IRA practice is known as a "Padre Pio" - an ironic reference to an Italian Catholic priest who had stigmata on his hands.

But there is nothing godly in this practice, for it refers to paramilitary gunmen carrying out "punishments" on their victims by shooting them through both hands. In a grisly trend, a wave of attacks has been carried out in recent weeks: the IRA, which has renounced violence, believes that such a promise refers only to attacks on the Army and the police.


1 January: A taxi driver is hijacked at gunpoint and forced to drive a suspected bomb to a Belfast police station.

6 January: An 18-year-old man is shot in both legs in Ballybeen, east Belfast.

8 January: A man in his late teens is shot in both hands in east Belfast.

11 January: A 19-year-old man is taken to hospital with gunshot wounds to both hands following a shooting in west Belfast.

13 January: A 24-year-old man sustains a gunshot wound to the left leg in an alleyway in east Belfast.

19 January: A stash of petrol bombs is discovered by police in a house in a loyalist area of Belfast.

21 January: A 17-year-old is discovered lying in an alleyway in west Belfast, shot in both ankles. On the same day, a 26-year-old man is admitted to hospital after being shot in both legs in the Shankill area.

23 January: Two women are covered in tar and threatened by three hooded men who break into their west Belfast home.

29 January: Shots are fired outside a taxi office in the Sunningdale area of north Belfast but there are no injuries. It is the most recent attack on taxi companies in this area believed to be connected to a loyalist feud. Five taxi drivers have been hijacked at gunpoint and their cars set alight in the course of a month.

1 February: A man in his 30s is shot in the leg after masked men with guns and baseball bats force their way into his home. The men then flee the scene.
This sort of thing will always go on. They say one thing like erm, drugs are bad, then slot anyone that sells the stuff, then sell the stuff themselves!!!

Only one way to deal with this. Maximum aggression. If they are an IRA terrorist, or whatever, kill them. Anyone who uses this kind of tactic should benefit from a 9mm brain enema.

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