New iPod to be unveiled...possibly with DAB radio?


Apple will tomorrow reveal details of the long-awaited "sixth generation" iPod, with speculation rife about how the firm plans to improve its top-selling gadget.

The new MP3 player is expected to boast a wider, touch-sensitive screen similar to the iPhone, the company's successful mobile phone which was launched three months ago.

It may also allow users to listen to digital radio and buy songs as they hear them, according to reports.

A "reliable industry insider" told the technology website that "the announcement will include plans to bring digital radio to the iPod along with an option to buy music using the device".

Steve Jobs, the Apple chief executive, has previously hinted that the new iPods will be able to run a simple version of OS X, the operating system used by Apple computers.

Now im very happy with my Sony but if this thing has DAB with half-decent battery trading up!

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