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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. Too bright

  2. A rip off of a certain minimalist techno label

  3. Not very green and suspiciously crab

  4. Rather bright

  5. Not the desert cam that everyone voted for

  6. Will confuse the old folks

  7. Is on the money so shut it grandpa!

  1. Took me by surprise this morning 8O , its very bright, in fact far too bright, any chance it can be toned down for stealth use or are darksiders using it as a light source?
  2. Think its a ploy to burn our screens out if we stay on too long...
  3. As Andy Pipkin would say:

    "Don't like it...!"

    In fact, it's cack. Far too 'Walty'
  4. Deleted for rampant chimpery, just realised I can change the theme in my preferences... hurrah, desert cam it is!
  5. Cheers Bat Crab :D With the bright version I wasn't seeing any Avatars, now I am :?
  6. Think it looks really good.
  7. It's amazing what you can find when you look isn't it?

    site themes
  8. I know the white one is supposed to be the surf at work theme, but i would like the white one with avatars and signatures. Theres a thread all about this here, where GCO asked for feedback. On a personal note, i think the desert cam is a little walty, kind of like coming into an airsoft forum. Thats just me though, i expect the desert cam will be enormously popular.
  9. I reserve Judgement.
  10. Ill wait till i get used to it.
  11. WTF.... 8O Ok since when did we get '14 year old walts' doing the web design??? :omfg: tis a-kin to a 14 year olds airsoft walty site.....

    Reckon boney_m's signature pic will pretty accuratly reflect the reaction of those ARRSE'ERS logging in this morning and still getting over friday night!

    I know.. the CO's are gonna do a 'Walt' site and this is a trail of the interface? .... :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. When it changed last night half-way through me using the site, my initial reaction was that yes, it was a little bright and plain. But Mr Potato head was still there so i thought i would just have to get used to it.

    I didn't like the fact that you couldn't see the avatars and signiture boxes though. Looked boring and like every other forum out there. But it is a good idea if you are trying to surf at work. Some of the avatars on here are filthy and give me a giggle. Not quite the stealth surfing required for worktime practices

    I have now changed my preference to desert cam for a few reasons,

    1. I didn't like the other themes, they were too boring
    2. It shows the avatars and signature blocks
    3. Mr Potato-head still makes an appearance at the top

    Now I find that this preference is considered the most 'Walt - like'. Just because I prefer a bit of green in the theme as it is the ARMY rumour service does not make someone a walt.

    Fair play to the COs for bothering to give us a choice of the way we want to view the site
  13. Irish Doris I am with you I too opted for desert cam mainly because its easy on the eyes, it does not make me look like a NHS middle level purchasing manager scrolling down his floor wipe catalogue (what's non walt about that eh?), Actually the desert cam skin allows me to pretend that I am on a uber underground, hardstep drum and bass record label site and in fact I am 'keeping it real'. 8)

    If anyone goes for the 'crab lite' varient well they are not the ones to be crying 'walter'.

    PS retro is still fine.
  14. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Also 'the' ARRSE theme IS the desert cam that everyone voted for. You're on the white one if you were on the light blue one before as it was the closest. You can change it in "My Account" under preferences.

    I probably will do a "Not so white" version with avatars etc., but I need to crack a new front page first to give you something else to complain about. Wouldn't want you getting bored :)

    And by the way, please take the trouble to read before posting bone polls and comments in the Current Affairs forum!
  15. Good Co don't under sell your creation, ARRSE is bloody newsworthy! Its in current affairs as it was MY current affair first thing in the morning when the only stable platform in an uncertain world........