New Int Corps Cap Badge

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by spookyspook, Mar 22, 2002.

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  1. :eek: :) ;) :D ;D :mad: :( :eek: 8) ??? ::) :p :-[ :-X :-/ :-* :'(
    A NEW BADGE FOR THE ENIGMA THAT IS THE INT CORPSI have just returned from a land far far away

    - no prize for guessing where -

    While i was there i was drinking with an Officer in our (ahem) beloved corps, through the haze of many a JD we came up with a new cap badge for the corps.

    the badge would consist of a cuff (for obvious reasons) and a square peg being forced into a round hole (OP MI??)

    Any comments or can you come up with something more (ahem) appropriate.

    !!!!!GOD BLESS THE CORPS!!!!
  2. I think the current one says it all. A pansy resting on its laurels  ;)
  3. Heh. That was old when my old man first wore the badge in 1945, having been moved, under protest, from the Buffs.
  4. Apologies if my Corps history is lacking but The Buffs??  Was that like a naked Int Corps or wot?  :D
  5. Well.... ish. The Buffs were the Royal East Kent Regiment. My old feller was a foreign national and his monarch was the Colonel-in-Chief, hence he became a Buff on arrival in UK in 1943.

    With the demise of SOE he was smartly decanted into the Corps.
  6. And another quick post to make the total 101!
  7. All right Glad, just looked at your footnote and it almost describes me. I'm greedy, fat & power-hungry, but not retired. Still, I think I'm about to get sacked  :)
  8. What about other badges to be worn on your uniform to blend in with all the other Regts/Corps (especially R Sigs).

    Maybe a knife patch to be worn between the shoulder blades to show Corps tradition.  Or a large Mickey Mouse emblem for those working with EW?
  9. You could always hijack the SIS/MI6 crest, which is a brain ... otherwise a more true to life representation of the Int Corps would be a blindfolded mushroom! ;) :D
  10. How about Davros' tatoo? That WOULD make an interesting badge.
  11. !!!!  Who's this that has seen me naked??

    Hmm.. I could narrow it down, but er..   Come on then.. give me a hint..
    You wouldn't have gone by the name of SuperSlime at any time in the past would you?
  12. Nope, not superslime. Still got the hamsters have you Davros?

    ;) ;D 8) :-*
  13. No. Someone killed them.... Right.. let's hear some real dirt!  Ler's see how close you got!
  14. So where are you now Davros? And what happened to the Audi?

    They haven't promoted you yet have they?
  15. re the hamsters. Wasn't that someone you??