New Int Cell Moderator!

I'd like to welcome Forastero aboard as a co-mod on the Int Cell. Forces_Sweetheart has been busy with work for some time now, and a bit of extra support has been needed as I dissapear up my own fundament trying to keep the forum tidy.

There will be no major changes to forum moderation policy, bone threads still go to the ArrseHole, Dale is still and oxygen theiving troll of the worst order, and reports of "Lancaster Bombers Found on the Moon" and "Freddy Star ate my hampster" are still the level of intellectual debate to be found in these here threads.

So here he is, new mod and all that: Forastero.*

*Kettle's over there mate, Tea, NATO, 2 sugars.
Welcome Forastero


Hello one and all and ta for the fanfare introduction. I'm sure I'll get to know the players over the next few weeks and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun debating, discussing, arguing and falling out. Woopert will be holding my hand for a few weeks I'm sure but after that, weapons free!

Anyway, coffee. Cappucino was it?
Think woopert said 'TEA' ......... I'll take the coffee though! Ta


Alright smartypants, he did say 'tea' but you've ruined my (weak) Blackadder gag. :wink:
Hmmm, longlivethequeen looks a bit like Chubb, but my spidey senses arn't tingling enough to warrant an accusation!
spike7451 said:
Evening & welcome Forastero,
Mines a Irish Coffee,extra whisky please.
That'll be whiskey in an Irish Coffee, spike (preferably Jameson or Bush), and where you are you should know better! :wink:

Oh, and welcome Forastero.


Book Reviewer
Does this mean we can have a cookery forum?

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