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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woopert, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. Having used the epitaph "TCH" to describe...... well..... TCH, it occurred to me that instead of calling someone a CNUT why not just call them a "Hoon"?

    Think about it for a second, you are using a fine insult here when you consider you've just called someone:

    * A Liar
    * A Dimwit who doesn't know what's going on around them
    * A person with no moral integrity whatsoever
    * Someone who is dispised by at least 250,000 servicemen and women
    * Someone you would gladly frag in the back if ever you got the chance
    * Someone who has earned the contempt of just about the whole nation for being all of the above.

    Take MDN for example. No longer shall I say "Oi, MDN ya CNUT" (for we all know he is), instead I shall say "Oi, MDN ya HOON!", and the insult will be so severe he'll run away and cry.

    Seriously though, you couldn't come up with a better insult if you tried!
  2. I thought a Hoon was a small, furry animal that lives in Scootland??!!??
  3. Prime Minister? :roll:
  4. In Oz, 'hoon' is a common term of mild abuse for an uncouth person.
  5. Prime Monster, more like! :evil:
  6. Prime Minster, isn't that latin for knobhead?
  7. woopert old bean, I'm afraid I must take issue at this "* Someone you would gladly frag in the back if ever you got the chance " one does not back shoot a hoon as they have no spine.

    If I may suggest; one fixes ones bayonet onto ones rifle and then sticks it into a hoons neck, slowly... gentle like.
  8. Armourer wrote
  9. Well if it's used to describe someone uncouth in Australia - it must be the most overused word on the planet. :lol:
  10. The possiblities are endless..



    "Lower than a Hoon's b*llocks"


    "face like a slapped Hoon"

    To Hoon: Verb /hoohn/ To royally f*ckover, to shaft.

    "Snap your arm straight back to your side, like you were knocking a Hoon off your sister!"


    And it goes on... :D[/i]
  11. I would contribute to this thread, but it's Friday night, I've had a few, and I'm completely feckin' hooned

  12. I,m sure if my historyis right prime minister started off as an insult
    hoon a good one though
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  14. MDN my dear chap, if I had money I would proudly send some your way; but alas I am skint. I did however dedicate a fart in a lift to you, with salute, just the other day.

    Ethel, you are right however that is uncouth according to Australian standards so I will let your wild imagination work out how bad that is. To help you identify that particular benchmark my aformentioned fart in a lift was met by mild applause. The Hoon thing is more accurately linked to uncouth boy racers. Sort of the Aussie version of Chavs.

    I hope this has been educational.