New Instructor For CP/Survival Course

PS Development International is proud to announce our latest instructor on our Survival side.

Just a small intro on what he has done in his live:

Our Tactical Emergency Survivor Instructor joined the South African Defense Force in 1977 and then qualified as Special Forces Operator. He served in the South African Defense Force until 1993 and was involved in many different operations like rural and urban operations all over South Africa, he also did a two year contract in the former Yugo Slavia as the chief planning officer of the Joint Logistigs Operation Centre where he did all planning and coordination of execution for the mission area covering Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia, he was the first South African (non – NATO) to participate in planning sessions with Allied Forces Southern Europe (Naples, Italy) involving the deployment of IFOR in Bosnia to take over from UNPROFOR

Please check out the our website: if you want more info on our Survival instructor.

Please remember our next course will start on the 31st of July 2005 and we still have limited seats left.

Thank you


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