new institution?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Puma, May 27, 2007.

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  1. is it time the Royal Corps had its own institution?

    the RE has one established in 1875 and in 1923 it was granted its Royal Charter by King George V. The Institution is co-located with the Royal Engineers Museum at Chatham, Kent.

    The present objects of the Institution are to promote and advance the science of military engineering and to promote the military efficiency of the Corps of Royal Engineers. In pursuit of these objects the Institution provides a forum for debate through its sponsorship of joint professional meetings; the publication of articles in its Journal; the maintenance of a Museum and Library for the Corps' heritage and archive collection; and the administration of prize funds, a memorials fund and a scholarship fund. The Institution is an affiliated member of the Engineering Council (UK).

    maybe the Signals should do the same?
  2. /NO WAH

    What, like this one?

    /NO WAH

  3. Got to be a wah.
  4. How much does ordinary membership cost and are all the events down Sawf?
  5. Hi, Polar - membership information is here. The Institution Journal is published twice a year (I think), but the most recent one on the web is here. It gives an idea of what it's all about, even if it's a bit dated.

    Best wishes

  6. I left the Corp 9 years ago. I am a member of the RSA and it is not only very helpful, it is very easy to get contact back with old friends and indeed info on what is happening.

    Also writing to old friends, and calling them now and again helps.

    Why the need to form a new Assoc.?

    Fcuking spelling is sh1te!
  7. forget it
    you all missed the point
    yes we have a museam
    yes we have the RSA
    but that is not what this post is about
    it is about getting more of you the have a recognised civilian qualifications that are valid round the world
    but if you want to stick your heads in the sand then that's fine
  8. Hmm. Have you, by any chance, clicked the link (above) to the Royal Signals Institution, or the one (above) to membership information for the Royal Signals Institution, or even the one (funnily enough, above) to the Royal Signals Institution Journal. No? Thought not.

    If there is any confusion it may be because, in asking:

    a few of us thought you were talking about an institution.

    Silly us - must have our heads in the sand.

  9. many thanks, don't know how you found the PDF version.
  10. Donny,

    Does the journal just have the one pdf in the public domain, I have reliable advice that one of the guys I work with regularly has done lectures @ the institute. I'd like to see his work (and then maybe I could understand him), although I'm beginning to assimilate his thinking. JPA is so not JSP440 compliant (as is eRAS - whoever designed that should be shot).