New Initiative - Guide to moral behaviour to be issued

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DeeJay, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. According to The Times

    This sounds like a good idea, makes you wonder why they didn't do it years ago!

    They could even go a step further and make it an annual requirement.

    Full story here.
  2. That'll be MATT 6 then.
  3. And who exactly wrote this mastepiece of Moral guidance ? Like I need some holier than thou wee civil servant to tell me the difference between right & wrong ....on a battlefield ..or anywhere else for that matter !!!

    Don't remember having to consult a book when we stopped to pick up an Iraqi officer three parts dead in the middle of a minefield during GW 1. Nor to tell me not to nick the extremely large sum of Saudi Rials the fukker was carrying ...or his extremely expensive Zeiss Binos

    More PC bollox !!! :x
  4. So that'll be tesed by a visit to the local chav pub, sinking eight pints, resisting goading by said chavs until closing time, politely requesting taxi back to base. Verbal abuse or fisticuffs will result in a fail... tipping the cabby and wish him a pleasant evening will get a skilled.
  5. think i failed this atd,, many times over in the past 23 years i served
    and i still got an LSGC medal..
    good conduct stripes..what makes you think thats going to stop you getting pizzed and smacking someone,,,
    or officers from poking each others wives..
    the s.n newspaper will go out of buisness with nothing to write about.
  6. I have never heard such rubbish! Well, not since yesterday anyway!
  7. So we know who to avoid around barracks and on the battle field
  8. Interesting. There is some more detail in the original story in yesterday's Sunday Times: Link
  9. Cant we just use this instead, it would save a lot of time and money.


    I think that covers all my moral dilemmas
  10. Something similar has been done before, sans chevrons, but the CGS is probably too young to remember - it was 40 years ago, when it was called "Character Training"; the instructors being the Padres. It was compulsory for all juniors in BAOR (and perhaps elsewhere) if I remember correctly.

    The question then as perhaps now is who has a monopoly of moral knowledge or behaviour? Perhaps even, who's morality? The negative comments 40+ years ago concerning behaviour in Aldershot and Minden to name but two; during a period when troops were returning from Aden and Borneo, was countered with the observation that "soldiers do not have a switch, like a light switch, to instantly switch from War to Peace". Not something politicians or the civilian population are able to understand or even want to.

    Rights and obligations are a two way street. I don't see much traffic coming in one particular direction.

    The 'moral' guidance will be interesting reading.
  11. Surely Chaplains already know how to talk to people about 'ethics and morality'? Or is the Rev Dannatt looking for some sort of more relentless, SASRA-stylee teaching?
  12. I was just about to say the same thing, wasn't this sort of thing done during the National Service days?

  13. <bangs table>
  14. Sod issuing it to us - try giving it to the rest of society - they need it more than we do!

    Actually does that mean the Values and Standards books will be an insert in TAM size then? :)