New Infantry campaign - Please stop it!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Merlin745, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Got to TA tonight and find one lad leaving to join TA Infantry, another asking me about PWO and yet another on about 4 PARA.

    Then on the way home, I find myself bombarded with 'Be First into tha Yorkshires Regiment, join tha elites, Forrard as one', hmm wonder if 4 Yorks need a RSWO?
  2. Hi Merlin,

    you got any details on it

    PM me if you have


  3. Interesting , I heard that a certain inf regt was poaching recruits on a recent phase two course
  4. Polar

    who was it which regiment was it should i say
  5. Think merlin has retired to bed with sad feelings
  6. It would also help if the adds weren't so 'intellectual'. I saw an ad on the side of a bus which said 'Driver's Wanted'... Now clearly what the ad meant was people who had the ability to drive others, mentally and physically, rather than the DROPS jockeys from the beloved RLC...

    However, when you see the ad whizzing passed you at 2 miles an hour (in London) it's not altogether immediately apparent. Without wanting to besmirch the character or brain-power of the fine fighting man, making the ad that 'clever' may mean some people are missing the point.

    The Army rarely get's it right with it's advertising, and this is a perfect example of a load of Ad 'Guru's' sitting in a room brain-storming, blue-sky thinking and dreaming up more and unusual ways to spend MOD money for little effect.

    Although I could be wrong...

    Make the ads Ronseal-Simple... For your Family, Mates and Country... Want to waste your youth behind a desk or stacking shelves? Join the Army, see the world and blow bits of it up.

    It would of course aid recruitment if the Army paid well, looked after it's soldiers a bit better, bought decent kit, weren't deployed on pointless campaigns, had better political masters etc etc...
  7. Surely if people genuinely wanted to join the infantry, they would have done so in the first place? To be honest, if somebody who's already attached to a unit is fickle enough to leave and join the infantry because of some (admittedly impressive) ads on the TV and in the paper, they're probably not the kind of people you want in your unit anyway. I would have thought that the ads were aimed more at civilians than current TA members.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I think you'll find that it is not uncommon for people who return from an Op Tour to look for a new challenge in their TA careers.

  9. I love that TV ad for the inf. It's poetry. Jolly well done to the Tristrams with their difficult spectacles who dreamt it up.

    If anyone has got the script for it, please post it here. I want to learn it by heart and shout it at people.
  10. Yes, that happened during mine. But the ones who said they wanted to transfer were not fantastic recruits in the first place, and I was quite glad that some were transferring. I suspect that it all seemed quite exciting at the time, but when they thing back they were all recruits who found the CFT a real struggle and may reconsider the transfer when they think it through.
  11. Merlin - given your background and skills, have you thought about crab-air. Hear me out and stop throwing up. Crab-air going through a big change and crab-reserve looking for personnel with your skills. I refer to my PM to you, as I believe we share similar quals.
    I have already been approached and am looking forward to an interview at Lincoln in a month or so. Could be a big change and a big challenge. my get-up-and-go with the corps has got up and gone
  12. watto

    Tha did knee read my post correctly


    Yep the same regiment as yourselves, probably down to the number of EWRR Sgts on the course, maybe a sign of things to come when the new recruit training model comes into force.


    I think you'll find many people chose infantry first (including the most intelligent) as it offers the outdoors, fun, ..... People don't want to join the TA and do exactly the same job they do Mon-Fri, they want a change. Most of the strong TA units of the past were all teeth arms, the other arms fed off this - the PR the Infantry lads used to put out created much interest in the TA, meaning the other arms had a lot of recruits.
  13. Was a Penguin cadet but no, I'm not changing cap badges again (on my 5th including cadets) and things are looking up within unit

    2 of 3
  14. A well known Scottish Signals Regiment ( OK, there is only one...) has been accused of poaching by all and sundry, but particularly the infantry. Given their shite CCRF role and sod all exciting kit - compared to the heady days of MILAN platoons etc - transferring to a unit with SATCOM, unlimited MTDs and a "real" job it could well sound interesting....

    My problem with all the advertising is that it builds up a false sense of what life will be like. Helicopter rides and tanks - not for CCRF role infanteers until that brown envelope arrives with the invite to the sand-pit - and even then there is a high chance of ending up on the gate 24/7.
  15. I know, that's what I was saying. I would expect a lot of people to join straight up to the infantry, but my comment was in reference to people who join other units and are swayed towards the infantry because of the media.