New Indiana Jones Movie.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by dingerr, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. I found the first 3 films cracking. Here's a trailer for the 4th. The make-up department appear to have done a cracking job on Harrison Ford.

    In the trailer the obvious CGI is annoying (but that's just a personal pet hate) and he appears to be using an RPG 7 in the 1930's!

  2. Ummm could it be because it's set 20 years after the others, hence 1950s and the bad guys are Sovs, not Nazis?!
  3. Ok i missed that.

    Hmmm 1950's you say.

    RPG 7 wasn't used by the Soviets before 1960.
  4. You just HAD to go and point that out, didn't you!! Couldn't just let it lie! OHHHHH NO. Smart arrse
  5. Well he actually points one at the Ark of the Covenant in a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark (near the end, filmed in the same valley that the Jawas kidnapp R2-D2 in Star Wars - I'll get my coat!) and Rene Belloq calls his bluff. Pretty sure Raiders is set around 1936, so its purely for dramatic effect, the scene would not have quite the same impact with a pre-WWII anti-tank Boyes Rifle!!! :wink:

    The new movie is indeed 1950's era with the Russkies as the bad guys - probably played by Brits as seems too be the norm for Holywood these days - the Brits always play the bad guys!
  6. I can't remember that, but they would have been better using the bazooka as it was within that era.
  8. No RPGs (Soviet) before WWII

    RPG 1 was the German Panzerfaust.

    RPG 2 did not have a venturi so would have been easy to differentiate from the RPG 7

    and there was no RPG 3,4,5 or 6.
  9. Oi...CarpeDiem, WTF you doing with my avatar dude?
  10. He saw it tatooed on your mums arse when he was kicking her back doors in!
  11. I for one, am looking forward to Cate Blanchett wearing jackboot's and being all rough and mean.....
  12. In the scene I mentioned Indy is certainly holding a thinly disguised RPG-2, the top tube in the image and Panzerschrek style shoulder loop are not part of the standard weapon, some versions did however get a venturi (often a local bodge to make the weapon handle better when firing prone), they look similar too, but longer and thinner than a RPG-7.
  13. The plot is basically Indy trying to reach the mystical Crystal Skulls before Russian agents, led by Cate Blanchett dressed up as a dominatrix.

    The Skulls themselves have something to do with ancient Mexican Indians and are reputedly of extra-terrestrial origin.

    Plenty of clues in the trailer, there's 'Roswell' stencilled on a container and the warehouse is the same one where the US govt. stored the Ark at the end of Raiders.

    Wouldn't be too worried about CGI, Spielberg deliberately kept it to a minimum with more emphasis on traditional stuntwork and even avoided using digital film so as to keep with the look of the earlier films as much as possible.

    Thursday 22nd May simultaneous worldwide release, no press previews or anything! Although they might show it at Cannes i've heard.