New in barracks Dress code out with 95

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by IOW_FREEDOM_FIGHTERS, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. :x Heard on the grape vine that jumpers,lightweights and barrack dress may be making a come back.
  2. They are'nt even issuing them to cadet forces anymore as there isnt enough.

    Saving money indeed........
  3. Qm's been asked to look into which type of jumpers to get.
  4. Id go for the turtle neck variety with large diamonds across the chest.
    Available in colours to match the issue hi-tecs :D
  5. I think it's a good idea. When we wore lightweights around camp in the 90's there were never problems distinguishing between different ranks, or distinguishing between those about to deploy. Not that it necessarily matters too much, it just paints a clearer picture. We don't need to be camouflaged in our day to day jobs. A shame also that we can't revert to the old 'shoulders for officers', forearms for warrant officers and upper arms for OR's' rank badge displaying. This new rank slide system on the chest could be kept for the field. As for the jumper types, as long as they don't order the ones with the f*cking pocket on the upper left arm, I'm happy.
  6. They do look pants.
    Origonal wooly pully all the way, or its correct name. Jersey Heavy wool.
  7. Good luck with that idea... Last week Jersey heavy wools were on a 6 month dues out, similar for lightweights, and we only wanted 3....
  8. when is this going to come into force.
  9. I think its just rumour control at it again.
    But you never know.
    I mean they said that a load of regiments were up for the chop but............... oh hang on 8O
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I saw a Sherwoods officer at my rcb who wore a combat 95 jacket with two rank slides sewn onto the shoulders of the jacket. Looked fairly old school and smart.
  11. Ahhh Barrack Dress....

    Uniform, Officers, Nothing To Do

    All infantry officers should have muddy boots by morning coffee, as for the rest of you, mince round in plastic trousers and M&S jumpers if you wish.....

  12. you guys are still on about this lightweights in camp thing eh?
    wait till you see the camo pattern on the new PECOC kit then!
  13. Come on then press it I'll take a nibble show us the new design!!
  14. whats the new PECOC kit.?????????????
  15. lightweights were smart as fcuk. easy to tell who had done their kit and who hadnt.
    barrack trousers had to be the worst bit of kit since shirts kf