New Improved Long Range Bullet

New bullet out for those .338 fans amongst us, should be in the shops soon. Lapua, Winchester & Sierra have just gone into commercial production.

Long range round
Croque_Monsieur said:
I once had the idea of dimpling a lead ball to see how it would perform in a smoothbore musket....perhaps it would be worth a go after all....
Golf balls have dimples that creates a turbulent boundary layer which sticks !"around" the ball longer and produces a narrower and lower pressure wake with less drag.

The other way to reduce the wake pressure is to increase velocity. Not much of an option in golf but people soon found out that in a smoothbore higher velocity=better accuracy.

So why not use a dimpled ball? Well according to a grizzled charcoal burner who I sometime share a firing point with, above a certain velocity point (which varies with the diameter of the ball) it all starts to go wrong. Also since dimpled golf balls only started life in the early 1900's by which time nobody was interested in round ball, perhaps nobody could be arrsed to do the research.

So off you go!

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