New ideas for rapid troop movements on the battlefield

whatnow? said:
Cuddles said:
May I suggest "hopping"'s the way forward. And indeed backwards. Side to side also. Just hop to it, like the badge says...

Another fast movement scheme would be to video the battlefield in advance, then rapidly play the film on a driving simulator. We could at least convince people that they had arrived on the battlefield and this would be good enough until we actually all had deployed. Possibly. Or again, not...

Finally there are things called parachutes. Perhaps we could train, say three, battalions of light infantry to drop from an air transport fleet? We could call them parachute regiments? Obviously we might have to pay these chaps more to get them to be prepared to lob out of serviceable aircraft...

rubbish .... what idiot would jump out of a plane

I quite agree. I still don't understand why we're keeping tanks now that the stalemate in the trenches has been broken!
Hmmm...mounted infantry - just the job for chasing fedayeen across the sandpit or pursuing Terry into the mountains...maybe supported by a couple of batteries of screw guns...

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