Greta idea for mobilisation of TA soldiers and how the Reg Army can help us for a change.

My star should be in the post for this moment of utter genius!!

Why not counter mobilise the sick, lame and lazy who cant or dont wont to be mobilised and can only serve in the UK to:

1 back fill the TA soldiers civi job and help the employer through the 9 month gap he / she will have to fill.

2 post Reg soldiers to TA units to bolster numbers and assist with the number shortage at Sqn's due to mobolisation.

I hope that sharing my plan for world domination will hopefully start the educated debate that I have grown to love oh so much in ARRSE.

I am just really hacked off with the TA can do half the job when it suits the Reg Army but when it come to the good stuff like commanding we seem not to be able to do that. Especially as many of us TA types have as demanding and responsible if not more in some cases as our counter parts.

I really think what I am aiming this at is the new policy of TA regs being commanded by Reg Co's only is this really new policy? Also that we have had 90% of our soldiers mobilised to do the job but the comments are always so bl##dy disrespectful to our people who have left comfortable civi employ and homes to go and work in the sand.

Why are we good enough for the Crap but when the cream does come we never seem to get a fair chance?
My arguments for counter-mobilisation:

Mobilise the TA to conduct home base sy in order to release fit soldiers to deploy on operations.

Mobilise TA officers into home-based SO3 and SO2 appts in order to release key staff officers for operations rather than stand a gap.

Works both ways doesn't it!?
HI Barbs, indeed it does!! This was really aimed at the Snco' and below, we as officers should do what is asked of us without much winging. However we should be able to put ideas to make the transition for both TA soldier and Employer easier.

As Reg soldier you expect to go to War if you don't Oopps!!! I certainly expected to go but I do understand that not everybody has that concept in their head.
Mobilising to UK would also mean less need for pre-mobilisation training and post tour, so it would go down better with employers and families. There are a myriad of UK jobs that TA officers could do to release regs for overseas. However, to establish this as a principal would be to jack on the regs and our TA soldiers who get mobilised.
I can foresee a massive retention issue if mobilisation was UK only, who on earth in their right mind would join the TA/Reserve forces for mobilised home service? Although there are a number of short/ long term unemployed within the ranks of the TA who would prefer this but they are already on FTRS engagements and the like. From an employer point of view, why would an employer release an employee to go and do another "day job" in the UK?
the national need is the national need. i believe it isn't just the unemployed element of the TA who would welcome this. In terms of the much vaunted career management a six month uk tour would help. Besides I wasn't suggesting only uk mobilisation and i hope that didn't come across. in terms of ftrs it doesn't seem to be what it was in terms of depths of opportunities across the ranks.


Sh1t-I thought the title was "New idea for Masturbation"-oh well back to the rubber glove and swarfega
The MOD civil service run an augmentation package by which if a CS gets sent to Iraq their employer can call in an augmentee to keep up the flow of 'no's to the srevices. It works very well.

If the same rules and compensation applied (as for the existing op mobilisation) wouldn't it serve quite well - e.g., reg offr in edinburgh is taken by an op trawl , his employer could have a TA offr to fill the gap. Assuming the TA offr had special cts and would have volunteered for ops but for his personal circumstances then he gets to 'serve' and does everyone a service.
This sounds like a recipe to ensure that already-over-deployed Regulars get deployed even more often, while their TA colleagues sit at home having tea and toast in the Headquarters.

I think there's more mileage in pursuing Home Only posts and flexible working arrangements for Regular personnel who're downgraded/single parents/in education to release more personnel for ops than making use of the TA in this fashion.

TA personnel in my experience (at least, the good ones) join up expressly for the chance to go to far-off countries and do unusual jobs whilst being shot at. There'd be far fewer volunteers for "military temps", which is basically what you're suggesting.

As for utilizing the downgraded to cover civilian posts gapped by TA mobilization... well, the less said about that idea, the better.

Ah at last someopne has sussed the concept. This post was to point out that the TA is ahppy to mobilise and "most" of joined to do just that. However we are finding it hard with the numbers that have been or are going to the sand pit to keep the morale high and the intrest there. By using the Regs who are not fit to go to the Gulf or for a number of reasons cant be sent could be posted to TA regt to help fill the gaps that it is leaving for us. This street should be a two way thing we send you fit and healthy types and the Regs can send us the ones who cant go. Fair trade I feel.
It is not about well the Regs wont like that, how many TA types feel chuffd to move form there comfort zone and go to a battle zone. Seems a bit of a double standard!!
^ So a broken, unfit Reg bloke is as good as a fit, mobilisable TA bloke? How many would the TA need to swap for a fully working model?
not reallt the idea but I see where that could head!! Looking more at the fact that our fit and healthy types have to go and these wasters sit in a nice rear party doing a rotation guard shift. They could be much more use to uswe could also get them fit to go back to their unit ready to go on the next mob ex!!
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