New idea for mobilisation.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by evilone, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. How about this for a stroke of master planning and number crunching!!

    New plan is to mobilise TA once in a 5 year period, great it will probably be once in 3 as before, but that is another story.

    Why does the Reg Army not counter mobilise the sick, lame and lazy that are causing some of the issues with the numbers game. They could be mobilsed to civi employ to back fill the TA soldier's civi job as most of our guys are " just Driver's" as I have read.

    So we could have 1 reg counter mobilised for every 3 TA soldiers, now that does seem fair. We could also counter the lack of numbers and the problems caused at Sqn level by posting those who cant be mobilised due to this, that or the other and have to stay in the UK to TA Sqn's.

    Who else thinks this is utter genius??!!

    I know my Star is in the post for this baby!!
  2. Why don't we just counter mobilise the lame and lazy into shallow graves?

    You can't move for the lazy b******* when there's a good draft like Telic 1 up for grabs. Try finding the same fat useless cnuts on PT the week before though.

    Rant, rant, rant etc.
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator



    Thank you.
  4. Whilst this post is clearly steeped in irony, I like it!

    The British Armed Forces exist as the nation's insurance policy. All pay drawn, rations consumed, training conducted etc is for one purpose: deploying somewhere and risking your health! Imagine phoning Admiral insurance to make a claim only to be told by the phone operator that he couldn't process it because he was a diabetic/had a glass back/his wife had depression and couldn't be relied on to look after the kids etc!

    I have struggled to find any use for these wasters (who make up a significant percentage of any Unit's strength) and am willing to entertain any suggestions, no matter how far fetched!
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Maybe the Army should invest some time, rehab, education etc into making them fit again.

    Yes, you can say it's down to the individual, but the employer must have some duty to assist.

    Healthy choices in the cookhouse, more structured PT, intensive rehab for injury, giving them a kicking down a dark alley.

    I suppose you'll tell me it happens already.
  6. Not able to deploy?............then stop the X Factor in their pay!!!

    havn't attempted/passed your ITDs - take a pay cut!! - performance related pay!

    If only.......

    I like evilones way of thinking.

    How about anyone going on an OpTOUR completes 6 months (unless injured/ compassionate cases) and put an end to to**ers completing just enough to qualify for a gong!
  7. Evening all.
    how about the army grows some balls and gives out some medical discharges, insted of holding onto these people. If they have become broken as part of there service to the crown then surely the army has to stump up their pensions early and get shot.

    or piss them about from dusk till dawn so they get so sick they just leave anyway! is that intimidation and bullying ? sure is but its happening and right now. Why would the army do the decent thing and pay out to get rid of the army,s downgraded masses when all it has to do to save a fortune is sit back and wait!

    loose the smile sunny jim.
  8. Would you believe it isn't. When I first heard this suggestion - via other means - I considered posting in "Today I Saw..." Evilone hitting 10,000 feet :wink:

    Still, he's a good lad, works hard, looks after his troops and gets a round in when it's his turn.
  9. How about giving them continuance in the name of saving the AT trade and then letting them clogg up non 11 Regt posts thus ensuring the type of AT we want to retain can never get away from 11 Regt.
  10. You may be surprised to know that there is a wider Corps and a wider Army. Its not ALL about 11 EOD Regt RLC!
  12. I think you are missing my point. The premise for the thread was essentially how to deal with the increasing burden of overstretch and under resourcing which is exaserbated by glass backed individuals who don't want / get out out of deploying, coupled with the almost complete exhaustion (in part due to regulation, in part due to retention) of the TA reserve. This is clearly a Corps wide problem and whilst I appreciate it is more acute in certain pinch point trades to continually refer everything to the AT world with extended diatribes against PANTO / SATO etc boarders on being rude. It is frankly starting to bore me, surely this is why there are AT specific threads!
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well said BBV.

    Can all the boring AT cnuts start using the AT specific thread so as not to annoy the rest of the Corps any more than you already do.

    Ta very much like.
  14. spot on! A sensible idea!

    I was injured way back in 2000, caused by faulty army equipment. I have had to fight for over 5 years to get an operation that will allow me to walk without the risk of dislocating something. During that 5 year period I have been treated as though I injured myself on purpose and that Im some lazy layabout leper because I have been permanently downgraded.

    Well wake up and smell the coffee people, its the armys fault, you broke me so you either fix me and return me to full duties, or accept liability and cough up and give me a med discharge! The popular phrase at the moment is "you need to lose weight and look more soldier like". Well for those people, the stark truth is it doesnt matter if Im 8 or 18 stone, it isnt going to make me run any faster or be a better soldier because i have got a shagged knee! And the reason im 18 stone instead of 8 is because of that and not because I have shares in Ginsters Pies! There are those people who have never been injured, smoke 40 a day, drink 10 pints a night, have an account at domino pizza and still do a 8 min BPFA who make the snyde remarks.

    There is an Adjutant Generals Directive (and DCI 120/00) on promotion and career management of medically downgraded personnel which time and time again is being blatantly flouted and ignored (any one wants a link to it on AG's website PM me). I am now being held up for promotion because i am not fit enough to pass a career course, i have had one go at it and would have as many goes as it takes, but now the powers that be wont let me until I wake up one morning miraculously healed and fully fit, so where is the fairness in that?

    I had my operation three weeks ago, i wont know if its been successful for another 12 months and then, i might be allowed to go to headley court and possibly by 2007 i will be fit enough to attend the course. so a (optomistic) 2 year hold up to get promoted for the sake of a three week course? I think somebody is just hoping i will get pissed off and sign off - not a chance!

    During my 5 years of being an outcast leper, i have been on operational tours OTX's and FTX's! So if anyone thinks i havent been pulling my weight and not earning my pay then bring it on! Anyone else who comments on me being unfit, overweight etc, or makes adverse comments on my CR will get taken to court irrespective of rank or status, Im that pissed off with it. And if you dont like it what you going to do, not promote me????? oh thats already happening.
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    If someone is 18 stone it must be their fault.

    I'm not a Doctor, but from reading food packets it states that average daily calorie intake for men should be 2000 to 2500. Which would indicate that if you exceed this and don't burn it off you may put weight on.

    Eat loads (and do no PT for whatever reason) get fat.

    Drink loads (and do no PT for whatever reason) get fat.

    I was told of a case about one soldier being so "large" he couldn't move properly whilst wearing protective equipment. I think he failed the course he was on, which is a fair point.