New ICP Procedure


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Absolutely brilliant, will we see some more as a series?
Thought that would have received more of a bite?


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So did I
Heh heh heh! Now me screen is covered in chicken & noodles!
Brilliant, and to echo diplomat, is this going to turn into a series?

I have it on good information from a friend that it reached all the way to the top and when they stopped laughing, they realised who the "sold down the river" quote was about. Either way, now looking for creator.

Apparently the e-mail since said about fundemental flaws in trade information; oddly I got the message loud and clear in that I'll be an RE BDO in a year or two???
farmaggeddon said:
.....Either way, now looking for creator.....
So they can commission him to make several AT recruiting animations I'll wager?

Either that or the witchunt to rival Salem's has started LOL :)
I'm easily bought - I can name names.

We can have an AT(O) bidding war for the name. It is llike a normal auction but the trade will be lowering the price needed to stitch one of our own up!
This is just solid gold, a shite day has been reborn.
I see the ATO stuff is all over Afgan too, just brilliant.

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