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The Shadow RST-V is a new diesel-electric hybrid vehicle used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting. The vehicle is aluminum bodied, with two side doors and a rear access ramp. Bulletproof windows are standard, and for added protection against small arms and mines, an armor package can also be installed. The Shadow RST-V demonstrates the most current of cutting-edge technology developed by Naval materials scientists with sponsorship by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Shattering records during testing, the Shadow is poised to replace the Humvee as the Marine Corps' new multi-purpose vehicle.

SKJOLD said:
To much technology, to much to break, to long to fix, not enough money in the supply chain to buy the spares to fix it.
Or in this case, less? No gearbox, no clutch, no transmission, motor in each wheel. So, one motor breaks, you've got three more. Engine dies, run on batteries for another hour or two. It's the way ahead.....

ISTR the prototype was a standard HMMWV with the 1.9 turbo-diesel out of a VW Golf, a tray of 12V, and four big motors. The breakthrough was the ability to switch decent power loads via semiconductors, IIRC....
Sounds great. But what about the electro-magnetic pulse that follows some bangs and the non-lethal stuff the boffins are working on - if it stops electronic things, then something that is this electrical/electronic is vulnerable isn't it?
EMP would also knock out convential vechicles and can be sheilded against
dont think the spams enemys to bothered about non lethals .
msr said:
Bulletproof windows are standard, and for added protection against small arms and mines, an armor package can also be installed.
If the windows are bullet proof as standard, why not the armour? 8O
Why hasn't Diesel-electric transmission been used on military vehicles before? I would have though that doing away with a conventional mechanical transmission and all it's associated clobber would have been ideal for AFVs. You could put the engine anywhere you liked for a start and it would be far easier to maintain. You might even be able to get the best out of gas turbines by using a generator rather than having to gear down from 70,000rpm to 1000 mechanically. It's not as if it's a new idea, those 100t monster dumper-trucks that they use on mines are all diesel-electric.
Probably because a diesel engine works pretty damn well and the development costs far outweighed the returns you'd get from doing it. Sure - those hooge dumper trucks have the technology, but having that to haul half a dozen squaddies around Salisbury Plain is a bit OTT. Putting new kit into the field is pretty difficult, too. It usually isn't squaddie-proof!
I've often thought that electric transmission is the way forward for all kinds of vehicles - no diffs! no gears! no fancy bits for 4WD! Just a big motor in each wheel. Means you can put things like traction control in software, do regenerative braking as well (if you got it right, you might even do away with brakes - just bang the load right up and convert movement to wiggly amps rather than heat. And you can usually find something to do with electricity.)
Hybrid drives are probably the way ahead. Huge investment going on in US, UK and Sweden (our FRES partner).

Hybrid drive has huge benefits. ie Diesel engine can run at a constant, and most fuel efficient, speed.

Only prob I can think of at the moment is weight of batteries/capacitors. Once this is sorted hybrid vehicles/electric armour will be on the way.
Hydrostatic drive has similar advantages with the benefit of being less sensitive to water. That's technology not just soldier proof it's Agric proof, there's huge numbers of hydaulicaly driven farm vehicles that survive for years with minimal maintenance.

If using diesel electric, perhaps it would be possible to use batteries as some sort of ablative armour armour, you would have to prevent acid from getting into the compartment or use some sort of solid rechargable.instead of conventional lead-acid batts.
The original Porsche gun tractors, Austrian Army WW1 towed the Big Bertha type howitzers, had electric motors in the wheels and memory says the Elephant 88 mil gun AFV Prsche design, of Kursk and Anzio used the same system of Disel electric generators powering the drive wheels.

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