New Hovis bread advert (makes you proud to be british!!)

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by thefootman, Sep 13, 2008.

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    I was there when they filmed the advert in Liverpool. Not sure which re-enactment group it was for the WW1 soldiers but they did a good job!!!

    Makes me want to put on my union jack boxers!
  2. Cracking stuff!

    Women cannot vote, soldiers marching through the streets, a spitfire flying in the sky, real lemonade plus hooligans and the rozzers fighting toe to toe. Exactly how Great Britain should be.
  3. A good history of Britain through the medium of unsliced brown bread.

    PS. They´re not hooligans, they are miners (as coal miners not children) just about to be smited by the Iron Lady.
  4. That bread must be pretty fcuking stale by the time he got it home
  5. Quality stuff...
  6. Warby's still tastes nicer though!!!
  7. Fook me hadn,t thought of that !! :p
    Top advert that , best i have seen in ages
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    If you look closely at the young lad, you'll notice that when he marches next to the troops...he goosesteps...

    (around 0:30)
  9. bloody good show
  10. I was walting it up on that ad. They dragged the re-enactors from all round the country, I think it was 120 re-enactors and 40 random scallies that they poured into uniform.

    Biggest suprise for me was this Luvvies Darling buisness - They REALLY do talk like that. 8O

  11. yeah i know I was one of the Luvvies for the austrailian bloke. You can only make out my shoulder when the kid runs through the women protesters
  12. Bloody hell, that was better than that video at the Olympics!!
  13. OP Could almost be set to the tune "Children" by robert miles :)

    Not quite Werthers Origninal though.